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  1. paolo_manila

    2013 500exc fuel line keeps splitting

    I'd recommend fuel hoses used by FI cars. They don't cost much. Just my .02
  2. paolo_manila

    690 thumb brake

    Try gptech llc. Google it. They have some pretty interesting stuff.... Both road and dirt bikes are catered to. Hope this helps. Let me know.
  3. Was just wondering? There's this clunking sound on my 690s engine. It's coming from the top ( valve area ). Can this be just a valve adjustment ( shims ) issue or something worst. Bike has done about 4k miles. Any suggestions and comments are most welcome so as I would know what to expect from the dealer...... It's still under warranty.
  4. paolo_manila

    Fork swap 690

    I have 690E forks with me. I bought exc works forks and i dont have a need for the stock 690E forks. let me know if you want a clean swap. intrasete@mail.com paolo
  5. Just had the stalling issue solved on my 690 smc. Here were the symptoms: 1. Stalls below 2500 rpm 2. Extremely eratic idling Solutions Tried: 1. EFI Reset procedure (did not work) 2. TPS Reset procedure (did not work either) 3. Both (nope) Apparently, the local distributor/importer was able to download/upload the latest software for the tps (throttle position sensor). So far, so good. THERE IS A SOFTWARE RECALL THAT EXISTS AND A NEW MAPPING IS AVAILABLE AND IT SHOULD BE EMAILED TO THE ENTIRE KTM DEALER NETWORK. Tinkering with the tps alone will not work..... and the source of the idle problem lies on the tps (well...at least 90% of the time).
  6. paolo_manila

    KTM144 For Enduro?

    I have a 150sx for woods riding (same as a 144). No problems whatsoever. I'm 150lbs, without gear on... so far so good. My prev bikes were all ktm's, ( 2004 525 exc, 2006 525 exc, 2006 540 sxs, 2007 250 excf, and my last 4 stroke was a 505sxf) So far, based on my skill level, which is a 3 out of 10, this bike'll surprisingly stay in my garage for a very very long time. This is a bike than can take major abuse... and i mean MAJOR. On technical single tracks.... wow...this is such a dream. Kicking it is not a problem either and it starts on any gear.... 1st to 6th.... with two kicks at the most..... Dropped it??? Not a problem....its easy to pick up and re start (although my prev bikes had ac start). A four stroke's draw back will be the maintenance and weight.... whereas a 2t bike has a far cheaper maintenance requirement.... believe me. I've replaced valves, valve guides, and having valve clearances checked everytime is TIME CONSUMING. I just installed a Clark Tank, a promoto billet side stand, hd tubes from metzeler, and a skid plate. So far.... i'm a happy camper:ride:
  7. I know this has been discussed before... hope you guys can provide information on which flywheel weight and brand would suit the my 2007 505. Please note that: 1. My bike's being used as a woods bike 2. I want to able to lug that bike around on uphills.... 3. I want the heaviest available flywheel... Thanks
  8. Gentlemen, Ladies, dealers and or reps... help me on this. Got an SXF, 2007. Tried the 5 speed version.... :busted: ... I want a 5 speed. WHat are the parts needed for such a conversion?? Any help (part numbers please) will be appreciated. Thanks people
  9. paolo_manila

    what's a rekluse like???

    what about extreme downhill runs in which sometimes, you may be required to turn off your engine and use the compression to assist you on rear brake mode??
  10. There are no MX-C's available here on where I am from. I would like to know what parts I need to turn an SXF into a 5 speed. TO ALL SHOPOWNERS with a PAYPAL system or any one familiar with what I need, please let me know at paolo@cbm.com.ph or at giocamoto@hotmail.com
  11. paolo_manila

    KTM 505 SX Any known Problems

    Previous 505 SXF Problems 1. Jetting Issues The 505's sent down here were equiped with a 180 Main, and a 44 pilot and the needle clamp was set at 6 holes from top. MAJOR RICH SETTING. Solution(s), Switched to 165 main, 42 Pilot and needle set at 4 holes from top. 2. Clutch Issue Mechanic removed one clutch plate, solved part of the stalling issue, together with the jetting and gave me a smoother and predictable clutch control in the woods Overall, the bike's flawless for now. I would love to get a heavier flywheel and a powerbowl kit even though i only ride off road.... not MOTO.I used a friend's 450sxf with a powerbowl installed and there is a difference...but its something I could live without. I installed a promoto billet side stand kit, and its an almost perfect woods bike. Unfortunately, I would love to have a 5th gear installed and a heavier flywheel. Not to prevent my bike from stalling, since now, it hardly stalls, but to smoothen out the powerband. Mods to be performed: A heavier flywheel A rekluse z start pro clutch ( who does not want a 470cc scooter for the woods )
  12. paolo_manila

    sxs bikes

    I owned a 540 SXS a year ago. Bought it new from a dealer down here... around US18500. I even sent it to the dealer to install a 5th and 6th close ratio gear and ac start kit. Spent a whole lot with that. The difference?? Well, aesthetically, looks the same 'cept for the clamps, forks and the pds rear shock. Oh, the frame sumbers have the "sxs" thingie along side the numbers. The power... well thats why i sold it. I'm a woods rider, and everytime things got technical... it scared the sh*t out of me everytime i ride it. The suspension made me feel that there was something REALLY wrong with stock suspension systems on regular exc's...although it was HARSH. I only weigh 150 lbs. THe bike WAS SCARY... On a motard set up, it chewed on tires like anything, yet nothing except a 250cc motogp with a top gp rider on it can touch you on a small road circuit. IN the end, I sold it to a private collector for almost the same amount. Its now in this rich bloke's living room alongside a 660 rally, a couple of bultacos, an actuall 950 rally, and countless of ultra exotic dirt bikes. It's more of a novelty for me to have bought one.... but novelety can only last so long.... It brought me back to reality that a 505sxf will do the job for me (although i'll be sending my 505sxf to the dealer again to install a 5th and 6th gear)
  13. paolo_manila

    Frame Saver

    If there's a supply problem in your area or country, i think you can order from www.ktm-sommer.de It can be pricey, but the parts service is excellent and they really know their ktm's. Address your orders to Mr. Oliver Nix. PLease note... i use ktm-sommer FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES ONLY and support your local KTM dealer.
  14. My dealer has included a plug socket wrench for my 505, but there seems to be quite a riddle involved in putting the wrench through the hole since: 1. The hole sits directly underneath the frame, making the socket wrench impossible to slide into the hole. 2. Removing the ignition wire from the hole is in itself difficult, i dont think the socket will fit Any suggestions:excuseme: and violent reactions are most welcome. HEEEEELP:crazy: :D
  15. paolo_manila

    Top Speed, 90MPH? Time to get...

    It should. Try a 15t front and a 42t rear. It'll take a bit more time...and a lot of headshake... but its do-able. A buddy of mine did 165 kph based on his speeding ticket. Thats close to 100 mph (albeit a bit over).... he had motard wheels, a damper, motard front and rear suspension..... and he tucked in so tight.. its like squeezing an elephant into a sardine can......