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  1. halfast

    Gearing Changes

    I suspected the chain was slapping the case saver, I just was curious if any one had any kind of catastrophe after going larger on the sprocket. Jeff
  2. halfast

    Gearing Changes

    I just changed to a 15Tooth Front Sprocket on my WR 426 and I am hearing a noise from the CS Sprocket Area. Have any of you had any trouble with this?
  3. halfast

    Why 18" rear wheel instead of 19" ?

    Gee I thought it was so I would only have to have my bike lowered 3" to touch the ground. 4" would have cost another $200.00. LOL Jeff
  4. halfast

    Riding the BAJA Peninsula

    Thank's for the tip on the Dromedary Bag! Since you just came back, maybe you can tell me exactly what the fuel situation is? How often were you able to find fuel and was it good quality? Jeff
  5. halfast

    soften the suspension

    Contact Davey Durelle @ durelleracing.com Dave is a long time friend and very good at suspensions. Dave has won the Pikes Peak race more than once, was a former AMA GNC Flattrack National Number and besides that he is an all around good guy. I just had him lower my WR 426 so I could reach the ground. It works Perfectly! Jeff
  6. halfast

    Riding the BAJA Peninsula

    Some of you guy's mention changing the stock handle bars for aftermarket. I am going to ask the stupid question WHY? I have been riding for 30+ years, past rides include Indian, Harley(current & 7 total over the years), Honda, BSA (current in street & race form 10 total over the years), yamaha ( TT500 & the WR 426). Why are aftermarket Bars the Way to go? The stock bars on my WR sem to be comfortable. Why Change? Jeff
  7. halfast

    Riding the BAJA Peninsula

    Thank's again Guy's The Bike only has about 200 Miles on it even though it is an '02 model. I am still giving everything the once over just to make sure it's in tip top shape. On the gearing I was actually going to go to a 16f 50r, but I have time to check it out before I leave. For Xtra Fuel I found an Aluminum Rear Rack that was made for the Bike, and I am going to attach 3 separate 1.25 Gallon fuel cells to it. The Fuel Cells are made by Kolpin and are roughly 12"x12" x3". They are made for 4 wheelers but I am going to adapt the mount and lay them flat on the rack and bolt them through the center. I already had the Extra Heavy Tubes covered, I also have New Dunlop D606's, Tire iron's & co2 with extra tubes, tools, some nice bags from Rev Pack. I will be servicing the Cooling System next week and putting in Engine Ice, I have also heard good things about the 2 Cool Oil Additive. Just did a fresh Oil Change with Yamalube 20w40 and put in a new oil Filter. I purchased small cans of chain lube and some extra oil to throw in. I already have the Hand Guards, Skid Plate, and did all the populars mods to it back when I bought it new. Oh yeah I almost forgot I got a GPS Mount for the Handlebars so not to get lost, tent, sleeping bag and a rope. John Wayne said if you lay a rope around your bed roll a snake won't cross it! Yeah Right. And most importantly I am going to the gym every day trying to make sure I am in shape for 1,200 to 1,500 miles of BAJA terrain. Jeff
  8. halfast

    Riding the BAJA Peninsula

    Thank's Guy's, Those are pretty much the Items I had already come up with. I am putting on a set of D606 Dunlops and was thinking of going all the way out to a 16 tooth front sprocket. Carrying extra fuel may be difficult, I have some Ideas but nothing concrete yet. Do any of you know a source for a larger fuel tank? Thank's Jeff
  9. halfast

    Riding the BAJA Peninsula

    If you guy's were going to ride Baja on a WR 426 what would you do to your bike before you left out? Mine is an '02 Model. All the popular modifications are already done, and a Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit has been installed, I had it shortened 3" so my little Pygme Legs could touch the ground. The other 3 guy's going have KLR 650's. I have ordered a set of Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tires. Other wise the bike has less than 200 miles on it, I have disassembled all the linkage on the rear shock the swing arm and the steering neck and greased all the bearings, so I feel pretty confident about it mechanically, but I would like to hear from some of you that have ridden your bikes in similar situations. Bigger Fuel Tank? Taller Gearing? Build a Luggage Rack?