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  1. One of the Enduro events I compete in will not let you ride an "R" bike, they would know it's an "R" as it does not have an E button, and they do check. I also want to road register the bike, in the UK it is much easier to register and insure an Enduro bike than a motox bike. I'm not really sure i need the extra power of a "R" if it's unuseable in the wooded sections, hence the question about the power delivery of the CCC MODs I also have a KTM 450 Exc, i never come close to using all the power of this bike. I have been riding for about 1 year, I'm not very good and thought a 250 would help me improve. I have a 4hr Enduro coming up in 4weeks, after a 3hr event I can hardly lift the bike up, a lighter bike would be an advantage I think.
  2. I'm just about to buy a new CRF250X 05, can i just do the pink wire MOD (as i will be doing some wiring anyway) without re-jetting or doning anything? The bike will be a UK spec. I will be ridding about 50% open tracks and 50% woods, should i do all the CCC MODS or will that make the bike uncontrollable in the woods? What resonable MODS should i do if i don't do all the CCC MODS?