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  1. Are you talking about boring your cylinder for a larger piston,The only way to go back down(smaller bore size) would be to install a new sleeve or buy a stock size cylinder.
  2. chevy383cid

    Xr100 carb. on a xr80

    Will the 03 100 carb.,intake,airbox fit on the 01-80,Are the cables the same? I have installed a stage one hot cam,white bros, pipe,Will the power gains be worth the change?? THANKS
  3. chevy383cid

    03 XR80 Air Filter ?

    It sounds like it's air filter oil(sticky but not thick like grease) Get some kerosean and clean the air filter and then reoil it with filter oil(like bel-ray foam oil)It keeps very small dirt particals from entering your engine!!
  4. chevy383cid

    CRF 80 upgrades

    Yea ,right were your pipe rubs on the back side of your number plate,I'm going to weld a little bracket to give it an air gap and make some more brackets to put the original heat shield from the stock pipe back on,My son's pants are starting to melt from rubbing the pipe!!
  5. chevy383cid

    CRF 80 upgrades

    Smart Ass!!!!!!!
  6. I'm running a dunlap 756 in rear and a michelin m12 in front.I think i'm going back to the starcross in back,I like the way it hooks up-it seams to hold (does'nt wash out on cornering) better than the 756!! 02 kx 250 with several mods.
  7. chevy383cid

    CRF 80 upgrades

    Wait until it starts burning thru your number plate!! I have the same white bros. pipe on my son's 01 80.Last night I installed a stage one hot cam,and by far it's the best performance upgrade that I have done to the bike!!(it even sounds louder) It really made the little engine come to life!! It's very easy to install,and I think it took me about two hours at the most!! We started with a k/n air filter-one clip position down on the needle-two main jets larger-I drilled out the pilot jet two wire sizes larger-white bros. pipe(removed the screen in the end) and then installed the hot cam.My son has just turned 9, and is really starting to fly! I watched him on the track in our back yard today and you can really tell what a diffrence the cam made!!
  8. chevy383cid

    What to run in the trans?

    I've tried just about every oil that there is in the past years,and have found that castrol full synthetic 5w-50 or bel-ray gear saver 75w-80 to be the best for me.I'm very picky about how my clutch feels and performs!!!
  9. chevy383cid

    Calling socalxr

    I need to get a new main and pilot jet, and needle for my son's 01 xr 80, it has the factory pc-20J on it. What series are the jets and were is the best place to buy? thanks for any help
  10. chevy383cid

    Calling socalxr

  11. chevy383cid

    Header Tape - Where ??

    JEGS, header wrap!! I have used it on 550hp 350's and you can just about touch the headers when the engine is hot and running!!
  12. chevy383cid

    2005 CRF80 Questions

    I had the same problem on my son's 02,There is a little metal tab on the clutch perch that goes between the lever and perch, when properly agusted it makes the reach shorter for his hands,I moved the forks up in the clamps in front to lower it about 3 inches and in the back, I carfuly heated the spring(off the shock) and then installed it, this also gave around 3 inches in back,but know he's got bigger and i"ve changed every thing back to factory settings and we have started adding power to the little bogger(pipe,k/n air filter,gets ,cam) hope this helps!!
  13. chevy383cid


    Oh, I like that ,My son would have a fit tell I went and bought him one!!
  14. chevy383cid

    Aftermarket cams??

    Is there anyone using a aftermarket cam in a xr 80 ,my son has an 01 and we have done several hopup mods and it has helped alot, but you know how it goes with power(you just can't get enough). So we are thinking of tring a hipo cam??
  15. chevy383cid

    why is this 80 so gutless!!!!????

    My son has a 01 too and what i have done is install a white brothers pipe that i bought new off ebay for 150.00,drill holes in the airbox with a holesaw,installed a k/n air filter and played with the pilot jet a little. these changes made a big difference,little sucker goes pretty good with me on it and i'm 6.1 and 175lbs!!
  16. chevy383cid

    kawasaki vin number

    I need to know how to tell if a kx 250 is a 2002 model buy looking at the vin number?
  17. chevy383cid

    xr80 stumble/cutout problem

    My son's 01 xr80 has a bad stumble off idle and is very weak when climbing hills also seams to cut out about half way through the rpm range. building hotrods for years i figured that the carb. was the problem. I disassembled it and cleaned every passage in it with compressed air/ moved the needle up two notches/put float level in proper position. to my supprise there was no change in performance at all. I've been all over the idle mixture screw with very little change? Does any one have any ideas??? would the timming be a little retarded? It starts easy 1/2 kicks with no choke!! I,ve Checked valve adjustment,Cleaned air filter,Run racing fuel through it,checked to see if it is getting fuel properly, but no luck!! any help would be greatly thanked
  18. chevy383cid

    xr80 stumble/cutout problem

    Problem fixed, I added a white brothers pipe and drilled slow jet 2 sizes larger, drilled 3 large holes in top of airbox and know this little puppy runs like it should!!
  19. chevy383cid

    xr80 stumble/cutout problem

    I took all jets out disassembled the hole thing Soaked it and blew through every hole, washed in warm water and blew again!! It's was running like this when I bough it from the bike shop!!
  20. chevy383cid

    xr80 stumble/cutout problem

    Well, I've rebuilt several holley and quadrajet carbs over the years and you are wright, soaking the carb over night gives the carb dip a chance to clean and loosen debrie , thats what i did on this little bugger!! what if i drill the pilot jet to the next wire size dill bit?? It's a .035 now ,I could make it a .040/.042. On a CAR A STUMBLE means it's not getting enough fuel when the butterflies are suddenly opened.It acts lick it's running out of fuel at mid range and then catches back up! I'm stumped but i did take the spark arrestor out and it ran alot better!!But still stumbled!
  21. chevy383cid

    xr80 stumble/cutout problem

    Yep, Gaped at .35/.40/.45 no change to the poor performance/Spark is strong!!