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  1. dont bother
  2. anyone know? a whole brake assembly that would fitt on this? thanks
  3. hi i have just got one of these bikes cheap as it needs tidying up and im looking for new parts. can anyone tel me what rear brake pads it uses and possibly a site that sells them. or whole new rear brake set ups that will fitt. thanks
  4. to rite moto mac
  5. you can clutch em up
  6. super glue mite do it, it does most things lol
  7. if u gona change the frame you may aswell just buy a whole new bike
  8. stock crf/xr50`s are crap
  9. nice exhaust
  10. is that a zongshen motor in it, it looks a similar bike to mine. how much did it cost you?
  11. well i live in england so dont know where you would get one in us but i think he got a few of them from the internet. he has some left but it would cost more than its worth to send one to you.....ha ha
  12. they should be more but it was my uncle who was sellin it so he gave it me cheaper
  13. heres my new cheapo bike, 107cc zongshen. cost 375 dollars off the internet how long should i run it in for? thanks
  14. my friend ordered one of them from power offroad, its bin 4 months and it hasnt come
  15. that bike would be fine, ive had to like that and never had any problems. i dont use them for big jumps, just about 10feet or so and theref fine, buy one!!! itl be fun