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  1. Thanks Old Plonker! I've talked to other 150RB owners at the track and they all say pretty much the same thing. I'll check the link in your post and go from there. Thanks again!!!
  2. we just purchased a new 150R. It's been on the show floor since 2013 (no gas in the tank according to the salesman). It's for my Daughter. The bike wouldn't start when we picked it up. Once they got it started it bogged bad coming off idle and would die. They tinkered with it for a while and deem it "fixed now". It's still hard to start when cold and boggs bad coming off of idle and dies a lot. Very hard for a new rider to manage. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks Guys. I found the problem.. First though, I identified where to connect a battery to the system and where to connect my home made FI indicator light. The light showed no faults. It did show me that I have 12 hours on the engine though. The problem was no fuel pressure. The pump was running but the pressure relief device (don't know the real name) attached to the pump assembly in the tank, was stuck open. The fuel was just circle jerking back into the tank. I just wiggled the spring loaded side with a poker and heard a pop when it reseated. It started on the second kick when I got it all back together. Time will tell if that was a permanent fix or if I need to get a new one. Thanks again for the ideas.
  4. I have about 10 hours on my RMZ450. At the track last Saturday it started fine then started popping and ran weak. When I got back to the pits it just died. I tried to start it 20 minutes later and NOTHING. Not even a pop.. Here's what I've tested so far 1. It has spark 2. the fuel filter/line is not plugged 3. The fuel pump runs with external power applied. 4. There is no gas smell at the exhaust even after kicking dozens of times It's obviously not getting fuel. Has anyone experienced this? I don't have an indicator light but I can make one easy enough if I knew exactly where to connect it. I could take it in but I've always tried to do all my own maintenance. Thanks
  5. I have it split. The only visible damage is to the 4th driven gear, it's missing a tooth. The 4th drive gear has one tooth showing some damage too. I replaced both these the first time it trashed about 6 months ago. I have pictures but I can't figure out how to attach them.
  6. I'm going into my transmission for the 3rd time. The first time was due to a noise in 4th gear. Both the drive and driven gears were chunked out. The second time was due to a grenade inside when 5th gear exploded. While in there the second time I replaced the gears, bearings and one shift fork, the other forks measured good. That repair lasted only 5 rides before it started making a noise in 4th again. I put a magnet in the left side drain hole and pulled out an entire gear tooth, I assume it's from the 4th gear. Any idea what I'm missing? I can't keep splitting this thing every couple months.
  7. I put a pro-x in my 06 Honda 450 about a year ago. I've since sold it to a friend. It's still going strong. The pro-x pistons are cast though and I've heard that the best pistons are forged.
  8. I have an 08 and my 4th gear went out. While I'm in there Im going to replace the piston. Has anyone used an Athena piston. (stock bore) They are forged and cheaper than wiesco. Thanks
  9. UPDATE Thanks for the replies, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has that noise. The chain is a race chain, not O ring. I did set the tension to spec, about 1.75" at mid swing arm. I drained the oil, no shavings. then I took out the cylindrical strainer and fished around inside with a magnet. I got some shavings out but I don't know if it's enough to worry about. the rear wheel is way out of balance, I feel it on the jumps. When it's on the stand the wheel makes the whole swing arm bounce, the noise goes with the bounce. Hope it's just the chain but it sounds like the gear box. I think I'll ride it some more and check for more shavings or gear chunks at the strainer. The last thing I need is for it to lock up in mid air. Again, thanks
  10. Different and hard to find. Most after markets don't cover the 08 and up. I have some IMS big foots on order. Thanks
  11. That's what I'm hoping. By your answer I'm assuming the noise is not normal? It doesn't matter what gear I'm in, the noise is the same and always keeps cadence with the wheel. I think I'll take the chain off and see how it sounds on the stand. Thanks
  12. I've been a honda CRF 450 rider for quite a while but recently bought an 08 RMZ 450. The ride is way different but I'll get used to that. One thing that bothers me is that the Suzuki makes a funny noise after I launch a jump. While I'm in the air with the throttle off there is a ching-ching-ching noise that is in cadence with the back wheel. Is this common on a Suzuki? I put the bike up on the stand and started it up, put it in gear and it makes the same noise when decellerating. Sounds like it's coming from the gear box. BTW It's an 08 with an 09 motor. Thanks
  13. I just bought an 08 RMZ 450. It's in great shape except one of the footpegs is broken. In my search I've found that most web stores list a year range of 05 to 07. Will these fit an 08? Thanks in advance
  14. I went down pretty hard on my right shoulder again. This time the Dr said I had 3 broken ribs, torn ligaments around the scapula/shoulder and a partially separated shoulder. NO surgery required at this time. I asked him about the ligaments healing, he said they won't. He said gristle will build up to help stabilize them. So now my question is this. If the ligaments are damaged won't that limit the amount of stress they can take? Aren't they subject to complete failure if over exerted? Bad things are going around in my mind...what if I case a jump? What if I try to lift too much weight, what if this, what if that.... Does anyone know what to expect with a partially separated shoulder and torn ligaments?
  15. Jbeaz. It always happens with the wrist rolled forward, throttle off, usually while the front brake is on. I tried raising the brake lever, seemed like that would put my wrist against the bar when braking. Didn't help. Finally went to the Dr. today 3 broken ribs, torn ligaments, partially separated shoulder. He said there is a test and procedure for arm pump. He said there is an easy surgery for arm pump. Leaves a nasty scar though.