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  1. great video:thumbsup:
  2. Why does it matter? If he wants to do it to look cool then why not? I did my basically to look cool and for minor off-roading. If you want it go for it, i love when someone comes up to me and starts talking to me about my truck that in itself is worth it to me
  3. Damn that looks really good
  4. I have yet to see either one of those trucks lifted but have always thought in y head they would look good with a 4 inch lift with probably no bigger than a 34" tire. The rim is really all personal preferance, i would look at american racing i am very happy with mine.
  5. I like how he has the block behind the rear wheel... at least it wont roll anywhere
  6. Very nice looking bike. The sprocket does look good
  7. Looking pretty damn good
  8. I dont know if this sounds stupid but if your looking for more traction maybe you could put a bag of sand or something in the back of your bed for added weight and traction. I dont know i'm just throwing ideas out there.
  9. That thing is beautiful
  10. Take your dads truck, is it even a question?
  11. Looks nice. I love those Rams
  12. Nice looking ride!
  13. I have been watching this thread since the first day...and let me tell you I have been impressed with every bit of your work. Beautiful truck!
  14. nice, what did you use to build it?
  15. correct me if i'm wrong but i believe in one of the pictures it says 2002?