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  1. LightningJim

    Dropped the bike today...

    these bikes were ment to be dropped. i drop mine all the time. if i don't ride that day, i kick the bike over just to drop it. during one of my rides i bent the radiator fan housing and it was like that for weeks. i thought the motor was sure to be blown. during some routine maintainance i found what had happened and pounded the housing out so the fan could turn again. then just the other day i was riding around and the bike was hot and i hear a sound that i hadn't heard in awhile. it was fan. i couldn't believe it! that saved me a couple of hundred $$$.
  2. LightningJim

    Warning: Michael Labonte aka madmike is a con man

    DAMN Newfy's. Never trust a Newfy. Remeber all those Polish jokes when we were kids, well Newfy's are worse.
  3. LightningJim

    What's your forum username mean?

    no. but i am on f150 online. sig. james2001bond.
  4. LightningJim

    What's your forum username mean?

    I got the nickname at work because i drive a Ford Lightning and have been know to drive a little fast. However i on my bike it is quite a different story.
  5. LightningJim

    Leaking pet cock

    Here is another good question. if i put an on/off valve on there and take off the vacuum hose from the carb. would that work?
  6. LightningJim

    Leaking pet cock

    You are correct Sir. I think it is the diaphram that is wearing out.
  7. LightningJim

    Leaking pet cock

    i knew you jokers were going to have fun with this. and yes pet cock sould be petcock. i was going to use the standard fuel cock but that wouldn't be much fun would it. although i still said cock. The bike is the "S" and i haven't checked if it is different from the "E" or not.
  8. LightningJim

    Leaking pet cock

    I started noticing that my pet cock was leaking. This only happens when the bike it turned off. It looks like it is seeping from around the bottom two screws. I tried to tighten them and that didn’t work. I took it apart and found all kinds of crud in there so I cleaned it out and put her all back together and it still leaks. Would it be alright to put a little gasket sealer around the screws and between the plates or do I have to sack up and spend the big $$ for a whole new one?
  9. LightningJim

    I won the SM wheels!!!!!!!

    those arn't going to work. you should sell them as soon as possible... to me for $50. just kidding. nice catch bro and a good price.
  10. LightningJim

    Subframe modification on S...what do ya think?

    dude. just trim it like the OG plastics. that's what i did and that way you arn't ruining the frame. i used a dremel and a razor knife. that's all you need and it only takes a couple of minutes.
  11. LightningJim

    want to buy stock rear light, blinker drz400

    there is one on craigslist. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/98215286.html
  12. LightningJim

    what would you bring?

    a friend
  13. LightningJim

    Complete plastics set for DRZ?

    That's a good question. i have no idea, i haven't looked at the new ones.
  14. LightningJim

    Complete plastics set for DRZ?

    i got mine online. i like them however i had to dremel the rear fender a bit to fit. http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Chaparral/product_family.asp?family%5Fid=2982&gift=False&mscssid=0EB9FFED437674CEFAF8BDEB28CA0413
  15. LightningJim

    Insurance $$$$?

    Try 21st century also. i have found them to be cheaper than progressive. i got more coverage for less than i did with progressive.