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  1. radio592

    03 125 gearing for MX

    Im getting power, its got a FMF and jetted perfectly, zero bog. I know I need a rear tire, but that should not make or break me clearing stuff. The jumps at my local track are much much bigger than that video ^^ with about the same take off area.
  2. radio592

    03 125 gearing for MX

    Im running 52/12..
  3. radio592

    03 125 gearing for MX

    Started to ride MX on my 125, what gearing is recommended for it? Im having trouble getting "up to speed" to clear larger jumps and im getting the R's up plenty so Im guessing its gearing more than it is me. What are you guys running?
  4. radio592

    Couple Questions

    Wow my apologies guys, its a 2003 kx125. I would certainly like the bottom, even if just a little.
  5. radio592

    Couple Questions

    My bike is stock except for a FMF fatty. Will adding a FMF shorty silencer make any noticeable power difference, if so, bottom or top? Also what are your experiences with the Tusk clutch kits? Will they hold up on the MX track? Thanks guys!
  6. radio592

    Power Valve cleaning

    How does one go about cleaning the power valve on a 03 125? Take the expansion chamber off, pull cover off, spray with carb cleaner and wipe black off and put back together? What else should I be doing?
  7. radio592

    Idle fustration

    Well this was an odd one. I know ive been out of riding for a few years but knew I was smarter than this haha I took the throttle cable off, ran the bike and played with the idle screw so I knew it wasn't a vacuum leak or something. Got it where I wanted it and put the cable back attached and adjusted it on the perch and now shes good to go. Thanks fellas sorry I was stumped there.
  8. radio592

    Idle fustration

    I made sure it was not a pinched cable, should have mentioned that my bad. I really cant see why it does this when theres no pull on the cable, and the idle screw seems to not do anything.
  9. radio592

    Idle fustration

    Its an 03 125, only has a FMF fatty, stock silencer. Running 47.5-400, moved the clip to pos. 2, from 3. In hopes of curing a bottom end bog. Changed my handle bars, and now try to run it and its running like im giving it throttle, but im not. Where should the mix and the idle screw be at? The mixture screw is bottom right of the air boot from the air box correct? And the idle is the one in the middle with a 8mm lock nut on it? How many turns should these be at? Ive tried moving the idle screw all over and cant get it low enough,its running high like 1/4throttle. Any ideas guys thanks!
  10. radio592

    suspension set up

    Been out of riding for a few years, back into it now. Got a 03 125 and wanna set up the suspension for the track. Whats the proper static sag and sitting sag for these bikes? Also do you spin the spanners or just clicks on the reservoir? Any insight would be great.
  11. radio592

    '03 125

    Also more importantly, it has a stock silencer but a FMF pipe up front. Bike pulls hard at high R's but has slight bog down low tiring to pull turns. What is the normal jetting for this setup to give some low R power?
  12. radio592

    '03 125

    Just bought a 125 and its been years since I last rode and need some reminders. What would you recommend for tire pressure for MX type track, is AFT for trans still good, and anything special I should know about for 03 models? Any input is appreciated!
  13. Well with all this political BS in town square, to discuss something different, got a question regarding my ol' tahoe..The pan drain plug is gettin pretty stripped out from so many changes (365K on this thing) but runs good and is worth fixing the drain for. How much should a resonable shop charge to put a heli coil in there with new bolt? Or should I do it my self? Never had to do one but doesnt seem all to complicated. Or is there another option im not aware of?
  14. radio592

    thinking of purchasing

    Hey kawi 2 stroke guys, been about 3 years since i had my last bike. My buddy is finally moving on the price on his old 03 kx125. Its got a fmf system on it, fresh top end, and maintained very well, good friends for awhile now and is the one who got me into riding so I trust him that the motor checked out good on the last rebuild. He offered it to me for a grand. Sound like a good price now adays or what? I think its reasonable, what yall think?
  15. radio592

    help w/99 ford f250 7.3l diesel

    powerstroke.org has great people especially in the 7.3 sections