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  1. weedhopper

    07 YZ valve issue... need advice

    I would definitely at least put in a new chain on your brother's bike if it has never been replaced. It's cheap and simple. Unlike valves. Then he can avoid what happened to me, which could have been catastrophic had it slipped a little more.
  2. weedhopper

    07 YZ valve issue... need advice

    Yeah I put a new chain in. That was the reason the timing was thrown off in the first place. The cam chain was junk. You can almost buy a used head for the price of having five valves replaced. I can't justify spending that kind of money if they aren't causing any problems. My last Yamaha had the same valves for 5 years without any trouble whatsoever. I have a feeling the guy I bought this bike from didn't take care of it well (air filter and oil changes) and that was the reason for the accelerated piston and ring wear. I have a tendency to get screwed over every time I buy a used bike. No matter how well I inspect it. People are just dishonest sometimes.
  3. weedhopper

    07 YZ valve issue... need advice

    Turns out all it needed was a new top end kit. No valves got bent when the cam chain slipped. Runs better than ever
  4. weedhopper

    07 YZ valve issue... need advice

    It hasn't been rebuilt yet but I just ordered a top end kit and I'll give it a shot. I don't think there are any problems with the middle intake valve. Why do you ask?
  5. Hey everybody, I need your input on an issue if you know what you're talking about. A while back the cam chain slipped a couple teeth on my 450. I believe I bent a valve very slightly and now I'm burning oil pretty copiously . I open it up and a nice white cloud rolls out. It still runs good but something isn't right. I tore the motor down today and looking at the valve faces and top of the piston I pinpointed what I believe is the problem valve. It happens to be an intake valve. What exactly should I replace along with the valve if that's where the oil is coming from? I noticed that the top of the piston was covered in oil. If blow by due to bad rings was my problem the piston would be still be mostly dry right? Or would oil still settle on top of it? The cylinder and piston looked like they were in good shape but I might put a top end kit in anyway. Is there a good way to find out for sure if that valve is actually the problem? I don't have a compression tester and yes my valves are in spec.
  6. weedhopper

    06 yz450f kick start froze after backfire

    I just threw in a new cam chain and made sure that my tensioner was functioning properly. Luckily it only slipped a couple teeth and it didn't smash a valve or anything. I'm still puzzled as to why it happened. The bike is an 07 with few hours on it.
  7. weedhopper

    06 yz450f kick start froze after backfire

    Yep that happened to me a couple weeks ago. The cam chain was junk and the exhaust cam slipped by two teeth. I couldn't budge the kick starter. I would pull the valve cover and check that before taking anything else apart.
  8. weedhopper

    Part out bike?

    A chunk of my clutch basket broke off and terrorized the bottom end on my 03 YZ250F. I think it's best to part it out rather than fix it but has anyone else done this recently with their bike? If so, what do you think is the best way to go about doing it? ebay maybe ? Or should I just look around thumpertalk and related sites for wanted parts?
  9. weedhopper

    What gas do you run in your 250F?

    My mistake, my manual does say 95.
  10. weedhopper

    What gas do you run in your 250F?

    91 octane the manual says 93 I believe, but 91 works fine for me.
  11. weedhopper


    The best post I've read all night. I completely agree.
  12. weedhopper

    Stupid atv rider!

    Those are definitely quadtards.^^^^
  13. weedhopper

    Oh my god, parents don't understand

    Just explain to them how dangerous it is to ride a with a bad tire if they'll listen to you. Even if you flip the tire around so you have a sharp edge for acceleration you'll still have bad braking and brakes are kind of important. I guess I'm fortunate that my parents don't care what I spend my money on or what my hobies are. I hope you get this situation figured out soon.
  14. weedhopper

    yz400 vs crf450 video!!

    I think the Honda was on the limiter as it went by.
  15. weedhopper

    1996 Cr125 - Finally Done!

    The rear tire in the first pic has zero tread You must've rode that thing hard.