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  1. mran77f

    2009 kx 450 bogging problem

    well that was the problem. I just took it out after i cleaned the tank and took out the foam and cleaned the pump and bike runs awsome!!
  2. mran77f

    2009 kx 450 bogging problem

    the first thing i checked was the oil and there is the right amount in it. I read other posts and that seemed to pinpoint it but that was not it and i run 91. But i have looked in my tank and found that my tank foam started falling apart and ther was tons of pieces in the tank and in the fuel pump. I blew it out and removed the tank foam an also blew out the pump as much as i could bbut i dont know if that could fix it because i havent been able to loosen the phillips screws out of the pump to take it apart. Do you guys think that this is most likely the problem and would blowing it out help????
  3. mran77f

    2009 kx 450 bogging problem

    there was some water in the race but wouldnt it constantly be happening insted of the longer it sitting the longer it will run strong??
  4. mran77f

    2009 kx 450 bogging problem

    I have recently purchased a 2009 kx 450. I have been riding for a few months and raced it for the first time in a local mran race. About thirty to thirty five miles in and running second overall I started to have major bogging problems. It was just off and on for a while then I came into the pits and fixed my rear end for about ten minutes that got messed up by a rock and then went back out on the second loop and then the bike ran perfect for about ten to fifteen miles then got even worse. I would hold it half to full throttle and it would rev for half a second then bog down for two seconds. If i stopped and let it sit for a few minutes it would go again for about one minute then do the bogging thing. Does anyone have any idea what this could be???
  5. mran77f

    U4 race gas

    I recently had bought a klx 450. It is destry abbotts old race bike. I was wondering if anyone has used u4 in their bike and if they had noticed any power changes of temperature gauges. I was also wonderin if it would give the bike a better chance to blow up?? It has a kx head and pc valves and stuff. Not sure about the piston but pretty sure its not hi comp. Anything will help. THANKS!!!
  6. mran77f

    Klx light set up???

    I was just wondering if any one on here has any of the trailtech lights?? If so- 1.Are they good for racing??? 2.Which is brighter, the halogen or the other one?? 3.Will a stator rewind make the light brighter?? 4.Where can you gt a switch for the light?? Thank you and any information will help:ride:
  7. mran77f

    Which light set up????

    Has anyone had any experience with trailtech lights?? If so how are they and which would be best for racing??
  8. mran77f

    Which light set up????

    ok cool. what post?? and is it for racing??
  9. wow that thing is really cool!! what is the difference between the two different ones???
  10. mran77f

    Which light set up????

    I am getting the klx here in a couple weeks. I have a few questions about the light set up. I am going to be racing the bike in night races an what would be a good cheap set-up??? I was thinking the trail tech light with the rewound but I was wondering if anyone has experience with this companys lights?? Would i need anything elese besides the light and the rewind?? Also I saww the weird trailtech head light with three lights on it and it says on their websites it is only good for speeds under 50mph. Is this true??
  11. I was wonderin if anyone knows of a hip pack that is capable of holding tools and holds a camel pack too??
  12. mran77f

    crf 450 dessert?

    The r model is great in the desert!!! I actually have two 2007 crf450r's and they are both up for sale. one is ready to race with $8000 in parts alone and the other one has fresh top end and a brand new clutch. if you are at all interested let me know if you want pics or a list of parts that are on either of them. Email- dkrider77@cox.net or pm me (702) 278 3289:ride:
  13. mran77f

    Anybody running a 90 front tire?

    Thats all i run is the 90 wide it helps so much. I absolutly love them. it is like the difference of having a staabilizer and not. It makes you have more control in corners and is a big plus for the sand. I highly recommend it:ride:
  14. mran77f

    Congrats to Team Kawasaki in the Baja 500

    Heres the top ten bikes: Motorcycles 1. Robby Bell, Sun City, Calif./Kendall Norman, Santa Barbara, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 8:43:38 (50.55mph) (Class 22) 2. Ryan Penhall, Corona, Calif./Brent Harden, Sun City, Calif./Mike Childress, Wrightwood, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 9:12:00 (47.95mph) (Class 22) 3. Scott Myers, Sun City, Calif./Shane Esposito, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif./Steve Garnet, Carson City, Nev./Francisco Septien, Ensenada, Mexico/Jeff Sheets, Henderson, Nev., Kawasaki KLX450, 9:13:46 (47.80mph) (Class 30)4. Jim O’Neal/Jimmy O’Neal Jr., Simi Valley, Calif./Jason Trubey, Mohave Valley, Ariz./Scott Glimp, Las Vegas/Gerardo Rojas, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, Honda CRF450X, 9:23:16 (46.99mph) (Class 30) 5. Ivan Ramirez, Ensenada, Mexico, Honda CRF450X, 9:52:33 (44.67mph) (Class 22) 6. Mike Johnson, El Paso, Texas/Kyle Abney, Albuquerque, N.M./Bryan Lowery, Las Lunas, N.M., Honda CRF450X, 9:58:37 (44.22mph) (Class 30) 7. Brett Helm, Poway, Calif./ Jeff Kaplan, Thousand Oaks, Calif./Jon Ortner, Santa Barbara, Calif./Lou Franco, Sherman Oaks, Calif./Craig Adams, San Clemente, Calif./Bob Johnson, Temecula, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 10:02:10 (43.96mph) (Class 40) 8. Carlos Casas, Chula Vista, Calif./Noe Ibarra, Tijuana, Mexico, KTM 450CXF, 10:08:47 (43.48mph) (Class 21) 9. Jim O’Neal, Simi Valley, Calif./Doug Heil, Monrovia, Calif./Andy Kirker, Santa Ana, Calif./Dan Dawson, Agua Dulce, Calif./Paul Needles, Westlake Village, Calif./Mike Sixberry, Bullhead City, Ariz./Craig Adams, San Clemente, Calif., Honda CRF450X, 10:14:37 (43.07mph) (Class 50) 10. Cory Evenson, Ramona, Calif./Justin Herrmann, Vista, Calif./Kirk Russel, Bend, Ore./Josh Smith, Oceanside, Calif., KTM 525XCW, 10:28:30 (42.11mph) (Class 22)