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    MX-TECH suspension

    R/S fork ?????????
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    MX-TECH suspension

    2005 yzf250 intermediate racer 160lbs without gear The bike feels like it is going to wash out going into the corner, and it feels like the rear end is riding on ice coming out of the corner Recently sent my suspension to MX-TECH to be revalved, but had them leave the stock springs in it. Race on mostly hard surfaces but do have some saw dust layed down in the corners. MILLVILLE TIRE FRONT AND REAR FORKS REBOUND- 8 COMPRESSION- 8 OIL LEVEL- 210cc SPRING RATE- STOCK SHOCK REBOUND- 8 COMPRESSION HIGH- 1.5 LOW- 8 SPRING RATE- STOCK SAG 3.5 in.