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  1. moto125

    Are These Good

    Yea alls im gonna do is ride it around the streets and stuff just to have a lil fun. and then i might take it it on flat land in the contry to play around. But i wont be jumping or racing or any of that stuff just playing around on it.
  2. moto125

    Are These Good

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-XR-DEMON-PIT-PRO-125-Demon-125cc-PIT-DIRT-BIKE-CRF50-XR-SDG-XTREME-crf-50_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ50012QQitemZ4566743443QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW HAS ANY EVER HERD OF THESE, OR DOES ANYONE NO MORE INFORMATION ON THEM. THANX
  3. moto125

    Favorite PITBIKE

    thumpstars, i herd are very nice wouldnt mind having one, but dont have the money. im gonna buy the sikk 107 just to putt around on the streets
  4. moto125

    Favorite PITBIKE

    what is everyones favorite pit bike? i dont own one but soon to be, but i like the SIKK 107 myself!
  5. moto125


    Does anyone no of any places here in "TX" that sale pit bikes or the SIKK 107?
  6. moto125

    Question Sikk 107

    ok thanx for the info. i cant wait to get one
  7. moto125


    ok thanx alot. sounds good
  8. moto125

    Question Sikk 107

    Where can you buy graphics for the SIKK 107? is there any websites. i have looked and cant seem to find any.
  9. moto125

    Check out the Sikk 107

    Where did you get those graphics at? those are pretty sweet. I am thinking about buying me a SIKK are they pretty fast?
  10. moto125


    Any one want to by a 95 CR125 race bike "race ready" i moved and i have no room for it now. if you want you can e-mail me at patriotbsb13@netscape.net or just reply to this . THANXX $1000
  11. moto125


    anyone no any information.
  12. moto125


    Does Anyone No If There Is A Sikk Dealer Here In Dallas "tx". And can some one give me some info on these pit bikes they seem to be pretty sweet, but would like to no a lil about them. And also does any one own a SIKK 107 and do they no how fast they go? THANX
  13. moto125

    Extreme 107

    or is there any other brands out there that are good quality and i've herd that thumpstar was a good bike. whats all the good ones out there for what ill be doin.
  14. moto125

    Extreme 107

    ok thanx. but them things cost $2000 and im only looking to pay around $1500, so what do u think about (Pit Pro Cooper Replica 90 xtreme) just to ride around the streets? any suggestions
  15. moto125

    Extreme 107

    i was wondering if the extreme 107 would be perfect for me, im just gonna be riding it around the streets and stuff. nothing big just somthign to have fun on. i am about 6'0 190? anybody have any suggestions?