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  1. mark_kdx

    what does these symtoms suggest...

    hey guys thanks for yr replies. mines a late 97 model. there was some indication that there is some wear on the cam seats(where the cam is in contact with the cylinder head) the last time i opened her up. valves adjusted too. gonna check the carb jetting... i always do a warm check, as described in the manual.
  2. hey guys my xr400 is having slightly increased fuel consumption and constantly dropping engine oil level even aft topping up. what does it mean?
  3. mark_kdx

    XR4 noisy!

    recently i had this prob where my tappets started to produce a louder than usual ticking sound when on idle. immediatly i suspected valve clearances n adjusted according to the manual. it was better but when the bike warmed up the sound came back. opened up the rocker cover n found camshaft slightly damaged. had that changed n had a new tensioner fitted but the sound was still there! its getting on my nerves! should i do a top overhaul?