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  1. jdoff

    Riky Cross Centrestand

    Yeah, keep us posted. I know I'm not the only 650 owner still waiting on a source for a centerstand.
  2. jdoff

    found my starting problem

    Yep, that's all it took, but since you'll be taking the starter apart anyway, look for other worn parts (like the armature bushings). But yeah, all I replaced was the two parts I mentioned. The brush holder assembly has two of the brushes, and the other part (the brush terminal set) has the other two brushes. Like I said, I have a spare brush holder assembly, new, if you're interested. I believe retail's around $30 (plus shipping); I'll give it to you for $25 including shipping. Or make me an offer.
  3. jdoff

    found my starting problem

    The brush holder set (31132-38B00) looks like this:
  4. jdoff

    found my starting problem

    The microfiche is here. The callouts are confusing (which is how I ended up with an extra of the brush holder set), but you'll need one of each of these: 2: TERMINAL SET, BRUSH; 31130-38B00 4: HOLDER SET, BRUSH; 31132-38B00 I'll double-check the part numbers if I can find the invoices at home. I know I have a new brush holder set (4 above) in the plastic Suzuki bag if you're interested.
  5. jdoff

    found my starting problem

    Yeah, I had this happen too: Seems like the starter motor isn't sealed very well. If yours looks like mine did, you'll need to replace the brushes, which are part of two different assemblies. I have a spare of one of the two parts sitting around; I can get you the part numbers for both if you'd like.
  6. jdoff

    white brothers chain rollers?

    Just watch for excessive wear on your rollers. If you're a big guy or carry a lot of gear, it's possible to be on the top roller quite a bit, especially with the soft stock rear spring. If you don't see unusual wear, you'll probably be fine. If you didn't see my earlier thread, it's here. The stock rollers are 30 mm, but 32-mm rollers are probably the closest you'll find.
  7. I just ordered some stuff wire up my GPS unit. I ordered a fused power lead from Powerlet: If the accessory you're plugging in doesn't have this type of plug (SAE, like MN_Paul mentioned), you can get an extension, cut it in half, and you've got two plugs to splice into accessory cables. Here's the relevant page on the Powerlet site: Adapter Cables Oh, and the power lead also works for charging your bike when it's parked using a Battery Tender.
  8. jdoff

    DR650 Chain Roller Sizes

    I've seen a few threads in the past about replacing chain rollers on a '96+ DR650, and confusion over the size of the stock and replacement rollers. I replaced mine earlier this week, so I took some measurements and photos. The two on the left are the stock DR650 rollers, off of my '96. The one on the right is a 32-mm White Brothers roller, part 45-825, purchased from the TT Store. On the left is the stock upper roller; in the middle the lower roller, and the right is the White Brothers roller. The stock roller measures roughly 30 mm. The White Brothers roller is about 32 mm. It's actually dead on in the center of the roller; the roller itself is a little bit concave. A comparison from the side. White Brothers on the left, and stock on the right. I used LocTite on the bolts when installing the new rollers, as the instructions warned against tightening over 16 lb-ft or so. The stock ones have steel bushings that act as crush sleeves, so you can tighten the hell out of them if you want. But at 16 lb-ft for the new ones, I wasn't over-confident that they'd stay without a little LocTite. Anyway, I'm happy with the replacement rollers. 32 mm is close enough to the stock size. They're definitely quiter too, so now I can hear all the other interesting sounds an air-cooled thumper makes.
  9. jdoff

    Chain roller ripping out of frame

    I'm sure it occurs, but it'd be interesting to see if there's a risk of it happening with a stock set-up. Failing that, the best solution would be to figure out why it's happening; maybe it's affecting other components (if a too-tight chain is causing it, that has other obvious consequences). I'll have to try fully compressing the rear of my DR, and see how close the top of the chain gets to the top roller. Anyway, you raise a good question about the function of the chain rollers. I would imagine their primary purpose is to ensure good wrap on the countershaft sprocket as the suspension articulates, and possibly to control chain slap. That said, people run without them, and it seems to work fine. Heh, and I don't mean to harp on the "cut off" thing. I just can't bear the thought of hacking apart my precious DR ...right. Some days, that's all I think about.
  10. jdoff

    Chain roller ripping out of frame

    Yeah, it'd be interesting to compress the rear suspension with stock rollers, sprockets, and the chain tension in-spec to see if there's really a problem with the upper roller. I saw the thread you linked to, but I'm wondering if oversize rollers, rear sprocket, or wrong chain tension were involved. At any rate, my knee-jerk reaction was mostly to the "cut off" technique. There's nothing to cut. Just unbolt them: On an not-really-related note, I just installed a pair of White Brothers 32-mm rollers (part 45-826) on my '96 DR650, and I'm happy with them so far. Close to stock size, easy swap. The worn and rattling stock rollers were driving me nuts.
  11. jdoff

    Chain roller ripping out of frame

    What has happened to cause the roller to break off? I can't imagine this happens in anything but severe use, or some other serious problem (jumping too hard with a tight chain, a chain break, something picked up by the chain). Also, I can't think of any reason anything would need to be "cut" off in the process of removing the rollers. Both rollers are held on by bolts that thread into an insert on the frame. Don't like the rollers? Unscrew them, and plug the hole with something. Nothing to cut.
  12. jdoff

    Anyone Take Their DR To Work?

    Yep, I ride mine to work as much as possible (even today, and it was only 41 degrees F when I left). It's more fun, and you can't beat 45-50 MPG, especially with gas at $2.79 around here. Anyway, security. I work at a university in the middle of nowhere, and security isn't a big deal. I do lock the fork so nobody messes around trying to move it, but that's it. Oh, and I remove the GPS from its RAM mount. Otherwise, I'm really not too concerned. My DR is a '96, so maybe that has something to do with it. Yeah...if someone swiped it, that'd be a good excuse to buy a '06...too bad they don't come in yellow and purple.
  13. jdoff

    DR650 warped rotor

    Ah, I see what you're saying. I was more thinking of a bent fork gradually warping a rotor due to the caliper bending it every time I stop. To me, this seems a little unlikely though. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this happen, so that I don't install a new rotor and have it warp the same way.
  14. jdoff

    DR650 warped rotor

    The front rotor on my '96 DR650 is warped. It's gotten siginificantly worse over the past two weeks, even without hard use. What might this be caused by? I haven't taken the caliper off yet to look at the pads. This might be unrelated, but a few weeks ago I dropped the bike on a trail, and the fork appears to be very slightly bent now. Could this have caused my warped rotor? jdoff