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  1. Old Fart

    ktm 300 ..anyone know about this new bike

    Well here is one old fart that is ordering a new 300xce and needs the estart. In a long days ride, 100mi. or so it saves my legs. Say what you will after 40 yrs of enduro's and now dual sports I enjoy the weight savings of 2strokes and estart. Young pups have a tendency to spout off, kind of like the two bulls sitting on the hill looking over the gals. The younger said Iam going to run down and .... and the old bull said Iam going to walk down and... them all.
  2. Old Fart

    trials tire!!!

    Well, everybody seems to like, however what's it like in Eastern Ohio, Ky area. Mud and more mud. I can see it on dry hard rock trails, but mud is another surface. Does it clean out when running thru the mud sections as in a dual sport ride or Enduro trails?
  3. Old Fart

    Review of Rekluse Auto Clutch

    Well I am 62 yrs old and have ridden for 40 plus yrs. Husky Auto, etc.. and the aid of the recluse is the same as the old husky's. Trust me when I say you can enjoy a fast pace ride and if you want to dart in and out of the trees, jump a water bar or climb a sandy rock ledge you have both the auto clutch and the standard. Off cambers that need that special traction, no wheel spin and max speed the recluse is it. I rode two dual sports this mo. 174 miles one day, one two day 200 miles and the recluse works like a champ.Change your oil after each ride and you will get extended life. Two bucks is cheap for perfect function all day every day. 04 crf250X presently, Had 32 bikes in 30 yrs of racing. Recluse is the nuts.
  4. Old Fart

    Garmin Legend "C"

    Hay, Hummmm, Just purchased a Garmin 76csx and the mounting hwd. Now looking for maps for my area. Ohio, Ky. Found the Nat.Geo sight and saw the topo maps but your explanation of how to use was way over my head. Could you explain in English to this old fart. Thanks
  5. Old Fart

    Jetting Settings

    Sea Level 250-04' X. 135 Main, 142 P, Needle stk. 2 notch from top of needle. 100 mile dual sport, 45 mpg. plug perfect tan, don't use the hot starter lever, never missed a beat. Drop, pick up and start right now. Crisp and no hesitation anywhere through the range.
  6. Old Fart

    250x What a Bike!!

    Started back a few months after 7 yrs. 60 yrs old and trying out the X. Found it need suspension work, carb adjustments, and now looking at a Rekluse auto clutch. Electric starter is the nuts, hate the hard seat. If you really want info on the X go to www.rickramsey.net and look for his mods. Great bike, needs TLC to be perfect. P.S. Anyone have info on the Rekluse auto clutch?
  7. Old Fart

    Which susp. shop?????

    New 250crx 04' Looking for someone who spec.in Honda's crfx suspension. In Cinti, Ohio. Any suggestions.
  8. Gentlemen: Bought a new 04 from dealer and the manual shows the carb marked for California, needle for same and the muffler shows a wire spark arrestor and not a diffuser. If anyone has read the Rick Ramsey web site you can see they are at odds. Does anyone else have a manual that I can check with. Diffuser or screen which is it. Dealer says all cat. or maunals are the same no matter where the bikes are shipped.