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  1. meandaspen

    YFZ's with the low end stumble/bog......READ!!!!!!

    so your saying that all you did was cam mod, and change your main to a 165 and that fixed it. stock pilot, didn't touch the air screw?
  2. meandaspen

    2006 Yfz 450 ???

    no i didn't make that race. i missed it. we'll be in florida for the first gncc march 4th and 5th. and well also be in N.C. for the mideastern hairscrambler race i think it's feb. 26
  3. meandaspen

    2006 Yfz 450 ???

    i have an o4 built 13 to 1 piston, hot cams, porting and polishing, elka, a-arms, and lots of other stuff. my little brother got an 06 for christmas (spoiled) and we put a pipe on it and jetted it then after he broke it in we ran un in a field and on the track. he stayed right with me on the field and track. it's amazing when the 04 came out it scared me the power it has. but i've gotten used to that and wanted more. but the 06 out of the box is already ready. very nice. if your going to race it don't touch the motor yet. start with a-arms and suspention. stering stab. and head to the track. you'll be amazed with what you have.
  4. meandaspen

    every time!

    i think the reason is that most of us started out on a 350 warrior thinking thats all we needed and after a month or two found out that we really needed more power. so we went to the 400's and then the 450's came out and we all wasted alot of money on those two before we got to the yfz or crf. we just want people to go out and get the best right off the bat so they don't wast any extra money. extra money is a hard commotity to come by these days.
  5. meandaspen

    350 Raptor!?

    thank you a z400 won't touch a yfz unless you doug gust and that z400 the only thing stock is the name on the side covers of the 500 stroker motor. thats insane. you buy the quad you want if you were to buy anything other than a 350 raptor, buy the 400ex a much better quad than both of them. so just get what you like.
  6. meandaspen

    350 Raptor!?

    there's nothing wrong with the 350raptor its a fun fourwheeler and you'll love it. and she''ll love it . the rest of the guys here just want more power so they love the yfz 450
  7. meandaspen

    crankcase busted need help?

    not yet but i'll take one
  8. meandaspen

    Who races Quads

    man you guys are nutz! i started at 10 playing in the dessert of cali. rm 80, kx , cr 125 , then yz 250. great bikes. then at 18 i moved to virginia and kinda got out of it till i was about 23. then bought a yz 250. didn't enjoy it anymore so i bought a warrior. had a blast. one bud wanted to race gncc so we hit it in 02' nc race c class on a warrior. hit a tree and broke the tie rod and that was all for me on a warrior. got home bought a 400 ex very nice bike in its time. raced 02 and 03 on the 400ex did pretty good in c class. 04 started on a 400, it kept breaking so i bought the ultimate YFZ 450 (honda's cant touch it) went to the first race on it in tenn. and loretta lynns got the hole shot and lead the whole race won it in the four strock b class. did great that year after not finishing the first 5 races. still finishing 8 overall in b. 05 went to open a, by now i'm 31 and having a hard time keeping up with 18 year olds. desided to take the rest of the year off because i wasn't loving it. so started running nc series, va series and doing some birch creek sat night moto cross and rolling hills sat nights and had a blast finishing 2 overall in pro birch creek and winning all the races i went to at rolling hills moto track in reidsville nc. now getting ready to go do gncc again. wish me luck a class here i come. and it's still harder to ride a bike int he woods than a fourwheeler. i've done it, i've switched with friends who race the same on bike and rode for the day bike take more out of ya and give you more arm pump than a quad in tight woods. but still a blast to ride.
  9. meandaspen

    crankcase busted need help?

    i found out that the 04 & 05 are the same but they changed something in 06. anyone know what it is or if the 06 cases will work. thanks
  10. meandaspen

    Yamaha crankcase busted need help?

    i have an 04 yfz 450 and i landed on a rock and busted the case. only one side busted but when you buy the new cases they come as a pair. my question is Will the 05 cases work with the 04 components in it. i heard the 05 cases had a few differences in that it sent more oil to the crank. i already had my 04 cases modified so more oil shoot under the piston and fell on the crank. and instead of buying the 04's and shipping them off for the mod. i would rather just get the 05 and swap them. thanks.
  11. meandaspen

    yfz 450 start problems

    i have both kick and electric start on my 04 and i prefer electric of kick. it's easyer. but the kick is nice to have as a back up. i had the same problem with mine. the battery had a bad cell. and then another time the valve's needed shimming they were out alittle and wouldn't let the decompression release work properly. so if the quad is been riden since 04 then i say it's time for a piston and rings and valve shimming.
  12. meandaspen

    yfz 450 start problems

    how long before the battery was new and you put it in the quad was it before the quad turns once and then clicks. do you run you headlights on the quad or are they off?
  13. meandaspen

    13:1 and Pump Gas

    had to rejet mine this week to get ready for an areana cross in salam civic center this weekend. went with a 190/52/3turns runs good for now in the cold weather here.
  14. meandaspen

    Looking for an exhaust.

    go to ebay or hellbound racing. 230 slip on. full exhaust isn't nessasary in my book.
  15. meandaspen

    Need a lil advice on jetting

    what exhaust are you running stock? i'm on an 04 lid off\ hot cams\ ported and polished\ wisco 13 to 1 \ 3 turns\ 180 \ 52 runs like a champ in rocky mount, virginia. cam not retarded