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    Do you think I need a skid plate?

    I ride in WA state too, and 3 weeks ago took a spill going about 45mph, put the bike down on the right side HARD. No skid plate. Put a hole in the clutch cover, a hole in the side of the case right above the oil overflow plug, and bent the brake pedal back. Not good....not to mention the 6 stitch cut over my right eye (yes i was wearing a helmet) and the bruises and cuts on my ribs and shoulder. Fortuneately I found parts used on ebay, but if i would have had to replace with all new parts it would have been $500+. Needless to say I went out and spent the $$ on a skid plate. If I would have had one on I would have been able to pick up the bike, bend the brake pedal back down and ride away. As it was I walked it for MILES, with a concussion. Its your call, but when you see oil running out the side of your case that skid plate seems like a pretty f'ing good idea.
  2. Kevin King

    looking for SM wheels for DRZ400S

    Let me clarify for the benefit of CrashMW and any other smartass posters.....I dont really want to spend $1200+ on wheels....so if anyone has some USED ones I'm interested. SMR96....Im thinking the same thing you are...i have full knobies on the DRZ right now, and it rips. Id like to get some SM wheels and be able to change back and forth.
  3. Kevin King

    looking for SM wheels for DRZ400S

    Hey all, Im looking for SM wheels for my DRZ400.... Anyone out there have a set that would fit? $$ in hand, ready to buy.