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  1. Braven

    04 CR 125 exhaust question.

    OK thanks guys.
  2. My son wants to upgrade his exhaust from the OEM pipe to an FMF Fatty. Will the Fatty work with the stock silencer? Eventually he'd upgrade the silencer as well but for now funds are tight. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Braven

    wheelie machines on the road

    this isn't the type of bike you're looking for but a long time ago, my buddy had a kenny roberts replica yamaha rz-350 and let me tell you... WHEELIE MACHINE!
  4. Braven

    GSXR or R6???

    if i were looking for a 600cc sport bike, i'd go with the R6. more specifically the YZF-R6. not the R6S or 600R. i used to own a GSXR 750 but from what i hear the R6 is tought to beat in the 600 class. NOT A GOOD BIKE FOR A 16yr OLD THOUGH
  5. Braven

    Recs on a Hydration System

    another vote for the MULE. i use one and love it.
  6. if your buddy is a "stand up" guy, i'd let him.
  7. here come the brand loyalty posts. LOL
  8. Braven

    Husky you guys kick butt!

    Wow, so how cool is that? Nice!
  9. glad to hear you walked awawy. shame about the bike though.
  10. I can help you out. I'd be willing to give you $2k for your 07. I'm always trying to help a fellow Husky rider...
  11. Braven

    Husky love...

    that's just awesome.
  12. I live in PA too. My local bike shop sells the JP Racing fuel cans but I refuse to purchase anything from them (they're douche-bags) so I got mine off eBay.
  13. Braven

    My New Toy and Welcome

    Make your picture a little bigger. I'm having a hard time seeing it. From what I can tell, it looks nice.
  14. Braven

    January 07 Dirt Bike

    +1 to you Dano
  15. Braven

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow Husky fanatics. Hope 07 is kind to everyone.