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  1. luizcamillo

    2008 250 XCF Thoughts

    The only issue I had was that the the exhaust valves had to be replaced at 88 hours when I installed the 280 SXS big bore kit. The 250 piston and cylinder were measured and were in very good shape. Bike now with 184 hours of trail riding only and still looks and feels like a new bike. I does very well on the MX track, not with me onboard though. I have seen some friends ride it and they all praise it´s MX performance.
  2. luizcamillo

    4 speed to 6 speed

    What would it take to convert the gearbox of a 250 XCF into a XCF-W wide rate transmission? I find 1st too tall and 5th and 6th too short. Thanks
  3. luizcamillo

    Cheap Parts FAST! >>> Munn Racing

    + 1 for Munn Racing.
  4. luizcamillo

    bigger battery

    I used to run the YTZ7S, a very good unit. I bought a Turntech battery almost a year ago and it´s a much better solution. Much smaller, lighter, stronger and lasts longer. http://www.turntechbattery.com/TurnTech%20Battery/Welcome.html
  5. luizcamillo

    High power battery for sxf/xcf ?

    I have a TurnTech lithium battery and it´s by far the most durable and most powerful I ever had. The YTZ7S (I had one in my Husky TE450) is good but this battery is much better. http://turntechbattery.com/TurnTech%20Battery/Welcome.html
  6. luizcamillo

    2008 250 XC-F engine trouble

    It´s pretty clear to me that the retainer failed. Everything else was in place and nothing popped out. Same thing happenend to the 450 in the link I posted above.
  7. I am posting this so other KTM owners may avoid running into what could be a big problem. I really haven´t read much about this happening often. I have a 2008 250XC-F with 88 hours which I bought new. It´s been running great so far and I decided to install a 280 big bore kit. I have checked the valves every 15 hours and they have never moved. I ride trails only, some of them quite technical. The kit went in fine, the engine started ok but soon started to make an unusual noise at the cylinder head area. Upon disassembly it was found that the valve spring retainer had started to crack, as the picture shows, and would soon break in two. This happened in only one of them and the other 3 are ok. The finger follower started touching the very top of the retainer where the bare metal is starting to show. The finger follower itself has no marks on it. I´ve read another post here at TT where the owner was not so fortunate and suffered a major engine failure. I consider myself very lucky to have found out in time. It seems that this is a problem that hit several 2008 KTM´s so it may be either a design flaw or the materials used, or something else. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=808639&highlight=valve+spring+retainer The top of the valve stem where the collet holds the valve is starting to wear round too as a consequence of the retainer having started to split. So I will replace all four retainers and all four collets plus the defective valve. Pretty cheap in view of what could have happened. Do you guys this I should replace anything else at this point? As I imported my bike independently (but 100% legally) the local KTM representative will not sell me parts. I am buying them from Munn Racing who always gave me great service. Thanks, Luiz
  8. luizcamillo

    250 XCF Gears

    It has 6 gears.
  9. luizcamillo

    Best place to pickup KTM parts?

    +2 for Munns, great service.
  10. luizcamillo

    Help with super B lithium ion battery install

    I've been using JoeT's battery for about four months now with great results. The battery holds charge extremely well.
  11. luizcamillo

    clutch problems 07 250xcfw

    My 2008 250 XC-F, just when you start it cold, also does that. It will jump forward and stall if you try to put it in gear before it warms up. Once warmed up it all works just fine, and it also starts in gear easily. Maybe it's not a jetting issue it's just that it needs to warm-up. If you need to rejet, I have read that JD makes good jetting kits that solve most issues.
  12. luizcamillo

    Hydraulic Clutch Woes!

    Maybe the problem is the slave cylinder. When I owned a Husky I had to replace it (Magura) twice.
  13. luizcamillo


    I ride trails only and have gone from a 2004 TE450 to a 2008 250XCF. I am very happy. The Husky was a great bike but too much for the tight trails I use to ride. I had to have a Rekluse and other mods to make it rideable for me. The KTM has very good power (except way down low), is very light, flickable and the suspension is great, overall a much more pleasant and less tiresome ride. I will not mod it nearly as much as the Husky. A fan is a must because we ride sometimes at very low speeds, but that´s about it.
  14. luizcamillo

    Dead battery?

    Joe Turner also makes Lithium batteries for motorcycles. Check this post at KTMTalk which has very good info. http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=315136&hl=power%20now&st=0 Joe's email is: turnerjo@hotmail.com Luiz
  15. luizcamillo

    GAS GAS parts

    Check out Halls Cycles. I buy all my Husqvarna parts there and they carry GasGas too. http://www.halls-cycles.com/