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    Another dead CRF450X Transmission

    Thank you! I think that's what happened. I did overfill my engine oil, it wasn't by much, but I was in a hurry and probably didn't check it good enough. Thanks a lot for this info and to everyone who responded. What a great resource!
  2. I had one of the first 450R's when they came out, and I was the first to purchase a CRF450X from my dealer. I loved my R, and thought the electric start would be a nice feature. Last week I was riding on one of my favorite rides, and the transimission siezed when I was going about 70mph. I have ridden this ride many times and I have never had any problems before. I had topped off the fluid before I rode. It appears to be bone dry now. I hadn't read any of the transmission posts before, I wish I had. The good news is I'm not alone. I'm really not sure about what to do now. I take great pride in keeping my bike in great shape and have never had any problems. It's not a good feeling to have your back tire lock up at high speeds. Has anyone fixed their transmission and then ridden again without problems? I've always loved Honda, but I rode my buddies KTM back to my trailer. His transmission was fine. What do I do now?