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  1. 2006XR650L

    XR650L Graphics?

    HEY! congratulations! i bought the first 2006 xr650L i could find and i love it! i will admit that i was a bit disappointed at how choked down it was from the factory,but it is uncorked with the standard mods that you read about on these forums and brother,it is a whole new bike now! the first thing you need to do is the standard carb mods and foam air filter,it will make the most difference...enjoy,enjoy!!
  2. a girl at pro armor told me that they have engine-frame guards at $101 or frame guards for $58 they are not on the website any longer and her listing just says for xr650--not "r" or "l"--just xr650...she said that they would fit either bike..is that true,because i didnt think they would. anybody have one of these or a picture to look at?
  3. 2006XR650L

    Where to buy Clarke 4.0 for 650L

    i ordered one last thursday(7-4-05) direct from clarke manuf.(part#1387) and recieved it yesterday.(7-10-05) i really like it better than the 4.7 gals.i have seen and it fits and install easily..be sure and take dual dogs advice and clean it really well on the inside,because mine was full of plastic shavings..my L is a 2006,but i dont think there are any differences over the last few model years.i did consider, not using the wire form brace that just connects both sides of the tank at the bottom,and making a brace on each side to the old mount on the frame,but figured i would try clarkes way first and see how it works out..i installed it last night and i really cant tell any difference riding from the stock tank..i did have to say so-long to the locking gas cap from the original tank,which i liked....my advice would be to buy it.
  4. 2006XR650L

    2007 XR650L redesign planned?

    i just bought a new 2006 XR650L..my dealer didnt know of any changes coming for the bike in the near future,but heck,they just got the '06 models in,and i am sure that even the dealers wont be informed of changes for several months.i wanted a dual sport bike,that i could ride to work,but yet take out with my 6 yr.old on his new crf70 that we bought the same day..at first i was a bit disappointed with the power,but after reading these forums,i knew that could be fixed with the standard uncorking mods and i plan to start tonight,because the wife says i just recieved parts fedex from thumpertalk store..the bike is geared way to high for woods riding,so i am dropping the front sprocket a tooth to begin with..i will remove smog pump,put in a uni filter,do the famous "daves carb mod." with a 158 and 55 jet,drill the slide-shim the needle-grind the mix.screw etc. i have removed the baffling from the stock exhaust for now,but a pipe wont be far down the road..i plan to do these things one step at a time,so i know what makes the most difference..as far as riding the bike,i think it is great!! even in stock trim and my size,(6'4"-295lbs.) i go out of my way to find the twistiest gravel roads i can on my ride home from work everyday.i set all the suspension settings to full firm..i can only imagine what these bike do when "supermoto'ed" GO GET YA ONE!!