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    thanks the_blaze
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    Take out the baffle and also take out the snorkel from the airbox. You will have to rejet once you do this. You also might want to buy a uni air filter. If you have a 150 here are the part numbers. -99103-KPT-0420-Pilot jet 42 is the size, stock is 40 -99113-GHB-1150-Main jet 115 is the size, stock is 98 -16012-KPT-921-Needle set If you have a 230 here are the part numbers. 16012-KPS-921 – Needle set 99113-GHB-1320 – Main jet 132 is the size 99103-MT2-0450 – Pilot jet 45 is the size This is probably one of the best mods you can do and it is cheap. Go Here for further instructions.
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    06 yz or 06 rm

    I would go for the Yz