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  1. I noticed that the handguards require them to be inserted into the end of the handle bar, do you just cut a hole in the end of the grip and insert them??? I have stock bars on my XR400... will the Tusk guards fit them??? Do they come with all the mounting hardware too??? I have use Tusk products before and they always seem to be well worth the money!
  2. Maxxis IT Desert is the best tire I have used. I ride in mostly rock, brush and gravel here in West Texas. It does not chunk off in the solid rock and that is hard to find!!
  3. What type of aftermarket handguards are you guys using on the XR400. I have looked at several and wanted to know which ones work the best. They also seem a bit expensive too:cry:
  4. Hey dudes, what do you guys use to seal the connection between the mid pipe and the slip-on aftermarket exhuast, (FMF Powercore IV). I have heard High Temp silicon?? any links as where to get this stuff appreciated!
  5. yeah the xr400 is hard to beat, I ride a similar type deal in Terlingua, TX (by Big Bend National Park) Me and my buddies all ride the XR400, there are alot of KTM's, Yamahas, etc, but I have never seen a guy on an xr that was broke down!!!!! Probably not the fanciest bike out there but they always bring us home at the end of the day!!!!!!!!!! The Xr400 is hard to beat in my opinion!
  6. I am jealous:mad: , have fun, be safe and let me know how she runs, by they way what elevation will you be riding???
  7. If you are jetted to lean your bike will run hotter?? If you are jetted to fat what happens???
  8. what elevation are you riding, what other mods have you made???
  9. That is what I am running also, with a K&N filter and a FMF powercore exhaust.!
  10. FMF powercore IV:
  11. can anyobdy tell what the stock jetting is on a 04' xr400. I have heard that the original jetting was much fatter?? anybody ???
  12. I agree 100% bro !!!
  13. No problems so for but I haven't gotten to ride much....working for a living sure gets in the way of riding, ya know:cry:
  14. Yeah, most of my riding is at that elevation, (900-1500) I make one trip per year to far West Texas (Big Bend area) for a two day ride! what will be the signs of too fat jetting, other than a black plug???
  15. 90% of riding is at about 1000-1500 elevation, have not checked plug lately, from what I understand it is better to be a little fat that a little lean, NO??