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  1. A couple of things to think about. In just the last few years trials have tended to be shorter loops and generally fewer sections, so conditioning is less of a factor. But, difficulty overall seems to have increased along with modern bike improvements like smoother engine performance, better suspensions and generally lighter bike weights. Most trials I have been to will allow you to enter any class you wish and if after a section or three, if you find you are over/under your head, you can return to sign-up and switch to a more appropriate class. Sounds like Nov or Amateur would be a good start.
  2. That solider idea is good, might try that for final tweaking. I buy barrel fishing weights, drill the center out to 1/8" and cut with a hacksaw down the length, then spread a little to put on the spoke. Avail in 1/2, 1and 2 oz. Put a dab of silicone in the bottom to secure at the rim end of spoke. I've had good luck with these when balancing for the Tublis inserts.
  3. Like many I have both and certainly on the surface 2ts seem cheaper to own and maintain. But when you add the cost of 2t oil and reduced fuel mileage as other items remain mostly the same i.e. tires, brakes, clutches, broken body parts, etc, over the longer term I'm not sure theres much difference. And with the overall expense of the sport, I think you should ride what suits your style and ignore the after the fact amintainence cost, IMHO of coarse.
  4. I have an 04 200 exc project bike and at 225 or so the weight is not bad, but I'm looking for ways to reduce it another few lbs. I think losing 10lbs without undue expense for unobtanium parts is probably overly optimistic, but watching what the xr200 guys are doing it may more approachable than I imagine. Possibly a couple lbs from early triples and 43s would be a start. Any ideas?
  5. One of the "other" possible problems. Look in the "200 Club" thread the power valve settings, cleaning, etc are discussed in detail. Search 200 power valve.
  6. Should clear without moving motor when you get the pipe off. Does on my 2004.
  7. The pv is not hooked up to the timer. Not uncommon with a fresh top end. Easy to fix. Remover the pipe and the pv from the front of the cylinder. Reinstall the pv with the center of the fork on the timer (visible with the pv off). There are several other possible problems but this is the most common.
  8. I have a Revloc listed here.
  9. May be electrical, but have you checked the splash guard on the main jet, the little, white plastic, bell shaped piece. Missing or off will cause some really strange surging, bad idle, no rev's, etc. Just a thought, easy to check and fix.
  10. Price drop. $3200.
  11. Really nice gently used trials bike. Excellent condition and completely ready to ride. Bought this bike a year ago to try to improve my riding, now I'm hooked. Selling bike to try a 4t trialer. Would like to sell locally as we are trying to start a trials group/club in SW Okla. You can call for more in formation @ five-eight-oh-512-3828. $3500.
  12. We are familiar with the Ok and TX clubs and participate in their events. Just looking to start a local group to ride and practice together.
  13. Check this out. We are trying to start a trials group/club in SW Oklahoma. If you are in the area and ride trials or would like to try trials check us out.
  14. I'd suggest some more research. The reason some are converting 2008 and up 144/150's to 200's is to get back to the small frame. But believe what you want.
  15. 2008 and newer 200's are on the big bike frame. 2007 and older share the 125 frame.