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  1. Also, which one would be better for supermoto, yz400 or wr400?? Hopefully it be a offroad/supermoto bike.
  2. Please keep me updated on how you like the bike.
  3. Thanks all for the help.
  4. Another question. Is the Wr400 and yz400f completely different beasts?? Would the WR be better??
  5. Thanks for the replies. Any know issues i should look for when shopping for a 400 or 426. I know they are hard to start, and the auto decomp cam is a good mod. I just want it for trail riding. No huge a$$ jumps or mx parks.
  6. I need some guidance. Would you suggest a 98 or 99 yz400f for a newb dirtbiker?? I have 4 years of street experience and tons of mountain bike experience. A salesperson suggested wr250f or crf250x. Any other suggestions would be great. I dont want to buy new. i want something in the 3K or less area. Thanks in advance.