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    Just a quick Thank You to all TT'ers

    Yeah thanks guys. I know I need to do the mods, the hardest part lately is digging into the bike to see what the previous owner did to it. As soon as I can, I'm going to pull the AIS (that decel pop is more of a bang and it scares me as much as the old lady on the sidewalk), and do a re-jetting with a new exhaust. As for getting the suspension tuned in, that is a definite must. The dealer said he set it for me, but after I educated myself on TT on the right way to do it, I think I'll get it tweaked by this little shop here in Boise. They have a really good reputation for their work. Thanks for the input folks, I'll be posting and watching on here for a long, long time!
  2. I've been lurking on this site for quite awhile and I just want to say thanks for all the great information. A couple months ago I returned from the desert and decided I'd better graduate from my 1995 KLR250 to a 2005 WR450 while I still had some dollars in my pocket. The decision was based almost entirely on the quality of information you all have posted. I don't plan on doing the "free mods" until this spring mainly because the bike has enough "get up and go" for my current experience level. But I've upgraded the bars to Pro Tapers, Vapor computer, TT skid plate, Scotts Stabilizer, pulled the baffle, etc. I love this freakin bike more everyday when I hear that roar fire up in the mornings. Anyways, thanks again to everyone on here...

    KLR 250 Luggage Rack

    I have seen a few folks that have homemade racks on their bikes. Since I'm somewhat ignorant when it comes to inventing, could someone submit some plans that they have? Just about ready to get my bike on the road. I picked up a used 1995 in that "Malibu Barbie" color scheme. At least the guys at work get a kick out if it. Thanks for any help...