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  1. philepe

    what to eat before a race?

    for energy drinks that are not loaded with sugars try cytomax or other endurance type sports drinks.read the ingredients labels,learn about what sugars are ok and what are bad sugars.
  2. philepe

    witch brand piston should I buy???

    I've never weighed them back to back but usually forged pistons are stronger but NOT lighter.
  3. philepe

    phat head recommendations

    I have a 05 yz250,all stock motor except for needle changes in the carb.I live south of seattle,near sea level.I have a phat head on the way with the y22 and y23 domes. right now I am riding tight indoor arenacross tracks,but when the weather is dryer I'll be outside.I dont race anymore, just riding for fun now. My question is should I check the squish clearance when assembling,will it help when I send it to my local shop/brother to have him jet it. Also I am planning on running 50/50 or maybe 75/25 race gas but I'm not impressed with rtech110 fuel at the local shop,any gas recommendations.thanks
  4. philepe

    yz 250 13-50 gearing

    I also have 05 yz250 mostly stock.Indoor tight tracks alot of the corners I have to work the clutch to much to keep it in second gear.I have 14 in front and added two teeth in rear.I'm still thinking about going to the 13 in front.
  5. philepe

    FCR or MB1?

    I used MB1 and could not be happier.great service,quick turnaround.suspension soaked up big hits much nicer.
  6. philepe

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    05 YZ250,I race 250 Junior and often prove to the thumpers that winning is about 80% rider and 20% bike.It feels pretty good to beat them with an "outdated" bike!
  7. start with basics.How familiar are you with 2 strokes?Are you warming it up properly before riding?How long do you use choke when warming it up?Are you a letting the engine bog too much when riding,such as in slow tight terrain
  8. philepe

    funny noice/tranny fluid

    yes the check bolt is in the wrong spot,If you only fill it until oil comes out of that check hole you will ruin something.I know from experience.I was filling it only until oil came out the hole and finally my kick starter began grinding like I was just barely pushing/enging it with the motor started......loud grinding noise.750 ML IS THE CORRECT AMOUNT
  9. philepe

    Fuel Mixture???

    Anywhere from 32:1 or 40:1 is ok.use a good quality oil from the bike shop,not one from the gas station. I have had very good results from Bel-Ray H1R semi synthetic.Use a ratio rite to mix it.A little smoke is normal,especially at startup when the bike is warming up.most of the time when I see 2 strokes smoking it is newer riders to a 2 stroke,or timid riders not revinng the motor enough so it never clears out.
  10. I have a GYTR skid plate and dont like the j-hooks they have for mounting the plate to the frame.If I ever come up short and case a jump the skid plate cant hold itself in place.the whole thing slides back until the shock linkage stops it from going any further.The front of the plate straightened itself out as it was forced back on the frame.My question is,if I drill and tap holes in the frame for direct mounting would it weaken the strength of the frame? Or should I just have small tabs welded to the frame so that the skid plate is bolted directly to the frame to eliminate the stupid j-hooks.the bolts were not loose,all loctited in and re-checked.
  11. philepe

    would these handle bars be good for mx?

    I have not used them personally but I have heard they are great for off-road riding,hare scrambles,desert terrain,but not very good for mx.Too much movement for mx type riding.
  12. philepe


    It has been proved time and time again that four strokes are the better RACE bike.but unless you are at the pro level or trying to get there,the rider makes alot more difference than the bike.90% rider,10% bike.How much money are you ready to spend to maintain valves etc on a 4 stroke?I am still on a 2 stroke 250 in the 250 c class,and 25+ c class,i regularly beat the 450's,even going up horsepower hill at washougal I have not had a problem with power.just my 2 cents
  13. philepe

    Yamaha Contigency

    Sorry it took so long for a response.I finally got tired of waiting and called yamaha.Looks like I forgot to register this year.they used my info from last years registration and fixed everything,then I got my YZ buck pretty quick.
  14. philepe

    Yamaha Contigency

    does anybody have experience with yamaha contigency.this is my first time that I qualify for any cont.money from them.I was told from the series organizer that the track will send the results to the factories.in my cont.registration form it says i will recieve yz bucks to spend at a dealer.How long does it take to recieve the money,and does a card come to my address or does it go straight to the dealer?
  15. philepe

    What Mulit-vitamin

    i read an article in mens health rating many different multivitamins they pretty much said gnc mega men is the way to go.