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  1. Tom Black

    Watkins recently?

    I was there on Saturday and their "prep" really sucks compared to other facilities, love the track layout, and yea they also need to repair jump faces and landings once in a while.
  2. Tom Black

    Daytona Supercross 2007 discussion *SPOILERS*

    Yea, last year was much better, especially with TP thrown in the mix.
  3. Tom Black

    ryan dungey

    I think he also crashes at St. Louis which is on TV this afternoon 2:30 Mountain time on Speed
  4. Tom Black

    Vdr H/s March 11th.

    I'll be there with a buddy from Denver and family of five making the trip from Grand Junction.
  5. Tom Black

    Who was your childhood dirt bike hero?

    I'll second the vote for "Magoo" Mr Maico was my hero.
  6. Tom Black

    Rib Fracture Poll

    Broken Ribs=Yes Chest Protector=Yes Blow from bike landing on top of me MX Track endo on downhill jump-should have bailed but tried to save it.
  7. Service Honda's prices are hard to beat, but their shipping time can be frustrating. Typical 10 working days after placement of order.
  8. Tom Black

    Riding Quotes

    I refuse to tiptoe my way through life just to arrive safely at death there are only two types of motocrossers, those who have been over the bars and those that are going
  9. Tom Black

    DeCoster, Hannah, Johnson, McGrath, RC

    RC and RC
  10. As long as you feel comfortable on the track you could be racing, I see local guys in the 40+ class that are competitive and other guys that hang in the back of the pack to just have fun. I just started racing this year after just getting back into the sport after a 20 year hiatus also and had a blast, even got a second overall at the end of the season.
  11. Tom Black


    Looked like Windham was Winded at the end of the races.
  12. Tom Black

    loveland fmx

    I just heard the radio ad today and didn't recognize any of the names, I did hear them say that the riders were the up and coming FMX riders.
  13. Tom Black

    Supercross TV Coverage

    SX Lites from Vancouver is on today at 4PM Mountain Time.......Look for the Live coverage of Anaheim 1 on Jan 6th
  14. Tom Black

    ThumperTalk Magazine?

    What about what makes TT great, all the people????? can't carry them with you on paper.