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  1. 01XR400Mike

    XR400 flywheels

    Rocky mountain atv/cycle have a good selection last time I checked
  2. 01XR400Mike

    Tools for Trail Bike

    Metric sockets, vice grips, a scrwedriver with multiple tips, the spark plug socket from honda, tire irons, a CO2 kit, a good knife, among anything else you can think of. Of course it never fails, what you need you probably wont have (i.e. a hammer)... (a big one). Anyway, bring a tube with you, I believe a front tube will get you back in the rear if need be. Some of that aluminum and metal alloy or jb weld. I wrapped my tire irons together with strips of duct tape so I have that if need be, duct tape fixes anything.
  3. Get on it WFO for a bit then pull th eclutch and kill the thing. Check the plug then re-jet the thing.
  4. 01XR400Mike

    oil filter 1998-2004 the same?

    Pretty sure it's the same
  5. 01XR400Mike

    You guys have to kick your bikes to start them??

    Lets see.... I've watched many a guys kicking the snot out of their Yamahas to no avail. I wish they would hurry up because I have to top off my fuel tank by the time they are ready to go. My buddy has a Yamaha with E-start. That quit working this summer, so he has to make sure that he stops facing downhill now. Easier said than done. Either that or we have to push start him to get him going, that's fun. Really, it is. My XR400 always starts within two kicks, usually on the first. And it doesn't take much to kick it over either, more of a " push" over actually.
  6. 01XR400Mike

    Inspecting oil filter

    That would be my suggestion
  7. It's only $10 through Honda dealers for the kill switch.
  8. 01XR400Mike

    XR440 big bore kit questions

    Anyone know where I can have this work done here in the Denver, Co area? I have been toying around with the idea of a 440 kit and a pumper carb lately but don't have the know how of taking the thing apart myself, and I don't really trust the dealers.
  9. 01XR400Mike

    XX 400 Won't start

    Is the gas on? Is there gas in the tank? It may have evaporated off if not sealed well, and it may be below the fuel petcock, try switching it to reserve. Is there compression? If so, is there spark. You said you did everything, but what is everything?
  10. 01XR400Mike


    My buddy would be pissed if he knew I was telling this to the entire world, but he did have to ask how to start the thing when he got his new 400. He had never been on a bike before at all. Totally foreign to him, obviously.
  11. 01XR400Mike

    2005/2006 XR400R Still being produced??

    Especially if Dad knows how to ride. Maybe he is just letting the kids feel good by passing him. I'll have no problem passing him on my 400. Honda lost my respect. Next bike will be a KTM, when ever I decide that the XR just doesn't cut it anymore. May be awhile though.
  12. 01XR400Mike

    K&N airfilter for Mx bikes??? anyone tried

    There is a very similar post in the xr250/400 forum about K&N. Someone had a whole study that was linked in about it too. I have a K&N on my xr, but am now thinking of changing to something else. K&N seemed to flow more air, but also a LOT more dirt too. Like I said over there, it probably is a trade off for performance vs. effectiveness. I have had one on my xr for almost 5 years, and have had no problems at all. My buddy with the stock type filter on his ttr just lost the motor due to the rings or valves or something of the like. I just make sure that it is kept clean, and like I said, no problems. Personal preference I guess.
  13. 01XR400Mike

    ok, is my buddy right or wrong?

    Glad I didn't pipe up with my two cents worth before reading this, I would have looked like a f'ing a'hole. Or atleast removing the foot from my mouth. Some others are doing this as you read this I believe.
  14. 01XR400Mike

    Inner tube question

    stock rear tire is 110/100/18 I believe. I agree with the tube selection offered previously. Never had a problem with either. Of course, now that I said that, I probably screwed myself.