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  1. You know there is this new service out there that not many people know about yet, it's called UPS!
  2. If I had a good running 02+ I probably wouldn't have bothered doing a swap. I'm not a pro rider and could probably barely tell a difference. I had a minty mint 01 and bought a 02 frame/swinger/sub for my cr500 conversion and then stumbled upon a blown up 02 and picked it up for cheap. Figured might as well have both my bikes running the same chasis so I can swap parts among them if need be.
  3. It was hard to drill out one side but once that side is drilled all you have to do is get a long drill bit and put it through the engine mount to drill out the other side. I will have a shop fill it in with weld to ensure it's done properly. I currently mocked it up with the 01 carb and 02+ airbox. I do plan to switch out the airboot to the 01 to help it seal better and switch the carb to a PWK. Here's some assembly pics if it helps, this can be done mostly with basic tools. Currently I have not ridden the bike as I'm still in assembly and refining things.
  4. I am in the process of this right now... Here's what I can offer. Swingarm and bottom mounts lined right up. I had to make my own new head stays, the stock ones are too short. The front mounts need to be drilled and filled in as they do not match up. My 01 pipe fit fine using a 02+ silencer. The only other mod I am doing is shaving down the frame some where the kicker is. It rubs the frame and would eventually wear itself in but I plan on powdercoating the frame and do not want it wearing through the powdercoat. Hope that helps!
  5. No problem, best of luck!
  6. I'm not super familiar with KTMs but I'd have to assume that it does come out. Otherwise when the hose fails you'd have to buy a new frame. If it is seized in there then I wouldn't chance it unless you can buy a replacement, but than again heating the frame up to 400* might just be the ticket to getting it out. First thing I would do is see if you can buy a replacement hose from KTM, if you can then it can come out somehow.
  7. It's not so much a light vs dark as it is a gloss vs matte. The colors I usually suggest for durable conditions would be one that is high on gloss. EX: Super durable Wet Black has a high gloss content and is very durable. If you watch the video I posted you'll see the gloss piece more so "dented" when hit with the matte piece which started to chip away. It's really a much more case by case situation. There is nothing wrong with running red on a offroad bike. some things need to be taken into consideration though. Like I mentioned before dirt rubbing is the same thing as sand paper if not worse.... a clear coat will help prolong this but not eliminate it. I just shot a Harley frame in red and have no doubts that it will hold up for a very long time. I hope that helped, if not I'll try my best to answer any other questions for ya!
  8. Here some pics of the bike in action!
  9. A top coat "could" be put over a cleaned and prepped powdercoated surface. The proper way to do it would be to strip the existing powder off either with sand blasting or with chemicals and then sand blast. You can powdercoat a piece as many times as it can withstand the heat cycle.
  10. Satin has a lil bit of gloss in it so it will hold up in theory a little better than matte. It doesn't look it in the video but I hit them together really hard and the edge is more fragile than the center. I wouldn't sweat it.
  11. I shot a video of the pieces I have kicking around. I hit the two pieces together on the extreme edge which would be equivalent to rocks flying and hitting it or casing onto a rock. As you can see, the matte black chips slightly on the corner of impact and the wet black is dented but does not chip. Just wanted to clear up some misconceptions.
  12. Red is not the most durable color, I would of opted to add a clear coat on top of that. The frame rub is completely normal wear and tear, muddy boots/pants is like sand paper which will wear through the powdercoat. Same thing with the chain guard. The hubs shouldn't have peeled though, sounds like shoddy prep work.
  13. I get people who question the durability of powder coat all the time. I just keep a couple pieces of billet that I shot in Wet Black literally kicking around the shop. I hand them to the customer from the floor and tell them to have it, usually gets the order!
  14. He just got it back together and shot down to GA to do some practicing, here's the pic he sent me.
  15. It is a lot more durable than your typical paint. It will still chip and wear just not as easily.