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  1. n2wheelies

    How long till your motor blew??

    would that be rotellaT?
  2. n2wheelies

    Snow ride helmet cam.

    very cool. :thumbup even better when you can see your shadow.
  3. n2wheelies

    OT - 550cc "KX80 of Death"

    actually i placed all those ebay and cycle trader ads. i bought this over two years ago on ebay from the builder. im only the second owner. ive owned it for a couple years and luckily nobody got hurt. i had a party at my house last night and there were 5 people there who had taken a go at the kx. like duken said, its a pretty useless bike but it has a certain entertainment value as something completely out of hand.
  4. n2wheelies

    OT - 550cc "KX80 of Death"

    omg. somebody bought it.