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  1. billg

    XR600r Carb Repair question

    I mean to say I see bikes from the year 1994-1997 go for blah blah blah
  2. billg

    XR600r Carb Repair question

    You should really consider Edelbrock carbs for this bike. It really makes a huge difference in performance. I bought 2 xr 600's (2000), which is the last year they made this bike, and have really put the edelbrock to the test by keeping 1 bike stock and the other with the edeldrock. I went back and forth, one after the other, and there is a huge difference in throttle response. The bike may have more power, but without the dyno, it's hard to give numbers. Many claim 4-8 extra horses, but I am a show me the proof kind of guy. I just sold 1 of my bikes, the one with the edelbrock. I have a brand new card from Barnum's racing still in the box for an xr 600, with throttle cables if you are interested. It's 400.00 bucks, my cost. Also, I kept my other bike, 2000 xr 600 which is for sale in the classified her on thumper talk. I kept it completely stock because it is truly a museum piece. It is in brand new condition, literally. I can't seem to figure out why no one has made me a reasonable offer. I see bikes like 94-77s go for 2200-2900 all the time. For 3500.00, they get a brand new motorcycle. Anyway, if you have any questions about the carbs, give me a call 203-536-4720, I'm in Connecticut. Best of luck, Bill
  3. billg

    white Bros E2- Holy Crap!

    Just want to hear some feedback if anyone is reading
  4. billg

    white Bros E2- Holy Crap!

    Yes I used the stock header. I havn't done anything else except remove the snorkle from the airbox. I will be installing an edelbrock pumper carb as soon as Barnum ships it. Other than that I will be leaving her stock.
  5. billg

    white Bros E2- Holy Crap!

    anyone,anyone, Buehler
  6. I just want everyone to know about this slip on exhaust. My 2000 xr 600 started on the first kick for the very first time. I put on the larger tip opening that came with the bike and it opened her right up. More power everwhere. The sound is awe inspiring and the increase is definately noticeable. The best thing is how easy she is to start now. I am not exagerating. If anyone has a hard time starting their big bore 4 stroke, try one of these. Easy to install, great design, perfect fit and great overall performance. I still need to dial in the jetting but its not too bad as is. I just bought a pumper carb from Edelbrock (Barnums) and can't wait. Just wanted to share this with you all.
  7. billg

    whitebros E2 help

    Has anyone installed this pipe on their xr600? It seems you need less bolts than the original. Once installed, do you need the clamp that went on the original muffler and do you need the heat shield ( I think thats what it is) that goes by the rear disc reservoir. Will the heat from the muffler melt the reservoir? Also, will the clamp still fit or is it not need anymore? Please advise. Thanks, Bill
  8. billg

    white bros e series slip on?

    100% absolutley positive. You should see this thing. It is literally showroom new
  9. billg

    white bros e series slip on?

    does it stick out too far more than other pipes?
  10. I just bought a 2000 xr600 with 25 miles on it and I am about to do some mods. Does any one have any experience with the white bros e-2 series slip on? My choices for exhaust are the fmf power core 4, white bros e-2, the supertrap IDS2, big gun, stain tune and possibly the up-tite systems. These will all be slip ons. Which one will give the best performance without being obnoxiously loud. I live in Connecticut and would like to keep the db level below 102 if possible. I will be adding and edelbrock pumper carb, one of these mufflers, and a new airbox/filter to be determined. Any help on the exhaust and air filter would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully someone has the exact bike and can speak from experience. Thanks alot.
  11. billg

    pro circuit t4 questions

    Hey Deltonx, There is such a thing as a brand new 2000 xr600r. If you read my second post I said it has 25 miles on it with the original tires. I would say that its brand new. Please read before you get a hard on. Thanks everone else with your reply's
  12. billg

    pro circuit t4 questions

    anyone? Someone has to know about this. I'm dyin over here
  13. billg

    pro circuit t4 questions

    it is brand new because it has only 25 original miles on it and the year is 2000. Sorry for the confucion
  14. I have a brand new xr600r that i want to uncork and was wondering if the pro circuit t4 is a great slip on that will give me max power without being too loud. Is there another slip on that will give me better power? I am looking for something that I don't have to repack after 3 weeks of riding and that gives max power without being obnoxious. Is the yoshimura better? Any and all input would be greatly appreciated
  15. billg

    2000 xr600r vs. 2005 xr400r

    I am getting the xr600. I can't resist the bigger motor plus there isn't that much difference in weight. Can't wait to uncork this bike and throw a pumper carb, aftermarket exhaust etc.. Any Suggestions?