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  1. RaggedOutHonda

    Crf150f or not

    dude, my 150 kicks arse. Its an 03 and still kickin. completely stock, just removed part of the spark arrester for some sound. It smoked a kx85 today goin uphill, powershifting on the sucker is awesome. also, the two guys i was riding with had kawasakis, they both had trouble starting and running properly. honda all the way beotch.
  2. RaggedOutHonda

    CRF 150F Top Speed

    anybody that says their 150 can go over 65 without a new rev box is talking complete and utter bullshit, unless you were going down a really steep hill in neutral. Mine can go about 53-57. Gah, stupid people.
  3. RaggedOutHonda

    Power Tip for CRF150?

    no, jo dont listen to these people. Over my stock spark arrester, my power tip gave me a little bit more of a low end, and it defenetly made it nice and loud. the top end is about the same though. It made it where i can now walk my 150 in 2nd gear.
  4. RaggedOutHonda

    sqeezin power from 150

    o well, my 150's got enough go as it is, i was just hopin those mods would actually do something. It sounds pretty sweet and loud right now with the whole spark arrester assembly gone. Its loud, mean, and it scares the hell out of the construction workers workin down the street from me. AHAHAH, too bad i have a flat.
  5. RaggedOutHonda

    Top Speed Of A Crf230f ? ? ?

    My poor little ragged out 150 got to somewhere around 55. hey have you people heard of tires going flat because of road riding? My rear tire went flat, and the people i took it to to get it changed said it was because i rode it on the road too much and it heated it up and popped the tube. Has that happened to anybody here?
  6. RaggedOutHonda

    sqeezin power from 150

    Hey i've got an almost stock crf 150, the only thing i've done to it is take the whole spark arrester assembly out. What is yalls opinion on tearing out the backfire screens in the airbox? How much damage could happen if i took them out and the bike backfired? Also, i heard somethin about a snorkel that you can take off. how much power does that add? Does anybody else have some relatively simple mods that you can do that will add a little bit more power?
  7. RaggedOutHonda

    couple of questions about the CRF150...

    AMEN brother. guah, people just think that because i have a 150 4-stroke its impossible to hang with a 125 or a 250 2-stroke. its all about the rider.
  8. RaggedOutHonda

    YZ85 vs. CRF200, CRF150, CRF230

    uh, i think the yz85 would smoke all of those bikes, if it were the EXACT same rider that rode each bike to its max. What burns me up are the idiots that think just because your bike has less cc's and its not a 2 stroke that it will automatically lose. I kept up with and eventually passed some guy on an older 2-stroke Suzuki that might have been a 250 or somewhere around there. I was riding my almost stock crf150. I think that guy was kinda new at riding though. i have no problem at all keeping up with 2 stroke 85's and 125's on trail riding though. Its all about the power shifting, and the turns.