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  1. Nitrochiken

    Thinking about Factory Connection for my forks.

    They revalved both ends
  2. Nitrochiken

    Carbon Pro HP gain?

    Not sure but mine will be here in the morning. Bought one off Ebay for 700 bones. Will let yoiu know after I get it installed!
  3. Nitrochiken

    Thinking about Factory Connection for my forks.

    FC revalved and replaced my rear spring for 675.00 plus shipping. This included fork seals, oil, oil lock collars, and pressure springs.
  4. Nitrochiken

    Thinking about Factory Connection for my forks.

    I just got my 06 suspension back from them a few weeks ago. I raced the bike cross country once before the revalve and once after. I am very pleased. Initial stroke soaks up roots, ruts, studder bumps and still handle jumps well.
  5. Nitrochiken

    Idle hangs...?

    How does it run? The idle may be raised too high, or it may be a little lean.
  6. Nitrochiken

    2006 CRF450R, To revalve or not...

    Well, another happy Factory Connection customer! The bike soaks up whoops and small bumps now better than before.
  7. Nitrochiken

    2006 CRF450R, To revalve or not...

    4.6 Front - Stock 5.3 Rear
  8. Nitrochiken

    crf450x stock suspension setup

    I have an 06 450R and Factory Connection put in a 5.3 rear spring, and left the stock 4.6 springs. I weigh 165 pounds.
  9. Nitrochiken

    Adding fork oil, Please help!!

    I just spoke to Factory Connection about this same issue on my CRF450. The owners manual tells tell to drain you forks and shows you a chart of time X temp. You will have a certain amount of oil left in the forks depending on each of those variables. Just subtract the amount left in the fork from the suggested amount of oil and you will be okay. From what I understand, 6 ounces won't cause and issue.
  10. Nitrochiken

    2006 CRF450R, To revalve or not...

    Factory Connection received my stuff today and it's already back on its way back home. Cost was 660.00 to revalve both ends and replace the rear spring. Will update you guys after the test ride this weekend! BTW. I spoke to Steve Ross there and they ended up putting a WORCS type setup on the suspension. I originally was going for cross-country, but a few races that I am going to are half MX, half CC. Hopefully it will be dialed.
  11. Nitrochiken

    2006 CRF450R, To revalve or not...

    Sent the forks and shock off to Factory Connection today. Been thinking about it for weeks... Hopefully I will get it back by next weekend to try out in a cross-country race in Rusk.
  12. I know, another stupid question. I weigh 160 lbs. and ride motocross and race cross country. Skill level is intermediate. Is there any advantage to revalving the suspension on this bike or should I just replace the rear spring and play with the clickers. If I have the suspension revalved for cross country, will it hurt it's motocross ability? Thanks in advance.
  13. Nitrochiken

    06 Crf 450r $?

    Paid 6100.00 plus tax for my 06 in Houston.
  14. Nitrochiken

    06 CRF450 First Ride

    I just bought an 06 this weekend. It is a huge improvement over my 03. Turns better, and the suspension is so much plusher.
  15. Nitrochiken

    2003 CRF450R Suspension ?

    Thanks Nate. I did check the owner's manual. I called Factory Connection and their sending lighter springs front and rear. Think I am going to change the springs and front fork oil and run it for a little while and mess with the clickers a little before I send it off. I'll figure it out.