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  1. Flybuy994

    Quick question

    My friend's 2000 YZ125 is getting gas in the transmission and transmission oil in the top end. What would cause this?
  2. Flybuy994

    Seep hole leaking coolant

    OK for some reason my seep hole on my like new RMZ250 has decided to leak out a ton of radiator coolant. The bike doesn't even have to be running and a small amount of coolant will leak. If I let the bike sit and idle, then drops will begin pouring out. I'm pretty certain it is coming out of the seep hole, anyone know why it is doing this?
  3. Flybuy994

    Weird motor noise

    Okay now I'm worried. I think it probably ment to point the piston towards the intake as the bike never had the right amount of compression after the rebuild. It ran well though. Is it possible that if this is what's wrong, that the valves and piston may still be in decent shape? After all, it will run.
  4. Flybuy994

    Weird motor noise

    Oh geez, it was a vertex piston and it had an arrow on it which I assumed pointed towards the front of the engine, as the piston came with no directions.
  5. Flybuy994

    Weird motor noise

    I specifically remember placing the arrow on the piston towards the front of the engine. Also wouldn't you hear the piston contacting the valves when turning the engine over? I only hear it when the engine is running, plus the bike ran for approx. 10-15 minutes before this noise occured, wouldn't the piston contact the valves immediately? I've rebuilt several YZ250Fs and never had this problem.
  6. Flybuy994

    Weird motor noise

    Just got done replacing the piston/ring in my friend's 2005 CRF250. Everything went smooth and it ran perfect for the first 10 minutes. Then, it started make a knocking sound that was coming from the engine. I cannot for the life of me figure out where that sound is coming from. The bike runs fine even making the noise and for some reason it makes the noise more during de-acceleration. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Flybuy994

    Rebuilding the top end on YZ250F

    Also the carburetor actually sat around for 5 months before I got to it, so it keeps looking likely that it is the carburetor.
  8. Okay, I'm pretty desperate right now, I really need help! I'm rebuilding a buddies '03 YZ250F. The top and bottom end seized up because he ran it with no oil. Well, I had a bottom end off of a 2004 YZ250F laying around so I told him I would sell him that, install it, put on my '04 cylinder, install new Wiseco piston/rings, and use his cylinder head and valves. Everything was going smooth until I tried to start it. The bike has perfect spark, and alot of compression. But, it is getting no gas. So I check to make sure I timed it right, perfect(I've timed a YZF before and had zero problems). I check the valve clearances, perfect. Try to start it again, still nothing. So I take the carburetor off and clean it, still no gas on the plug after a thousand kicks. So I take off the carburetor and spray gas directly into the cylinder head with a squirt bottle. Well that works, it gets gas. So does this narrow it down to my problem being in the carburetor? I'm thinking that if the intake valves were not opening and I sprayed gas directly into the cylinder head, then it would still not get gas, right? Please help!
  9. Flybuy994

    Crankcase problem

    After splitting the cases and installing a new crankshaft, I'm having problems reassembling the crankcases. Everything went fine until I tightened down the crankcase bolts. When I tighten them it makes the crankshaft hard to spin. Why would this be?? This is driving me nuts!
  10. Flybuy994

    What the heck is up with my clutch?

    I got a like new 2004 RMZ250. Good bike but it will not quit burning clutch plates. I didn't have much of a problem with it until now. I put a set of barnett plates and springs in it after it burnt up a second set of stock plates. Well, about a month and half later it started to slip my barnett plates. So I order a set of EBC plates and springs and install them. Get on the bike, put the bike in gear, and the brand new set of plates decide to slip. The bike will slip the plates when I first take off, and then once I get on the track and moving, the bike will stop and actually be pretty fast, like normal. I can't figure out why they are slipping. What would cause the plates to slip on a bike with a like new basket, slightly notched inner hub, a good pressure plate, and brand new plates/springs?
  11. Flybuy994

    Quick question

    Will a motor out of an '02 YZ250F fit into an '04 YZ250F?
  12. Flybuy994

    Swingarm pivot bolt

    I'm rebuilding a trashed 2000 YZ125 for money. I have to split the cases and put it a new crank, so I needed to take the motor mount bolts out. Everything is going smooth until I go to take the swingarm pivot bolt out. It has rusted and is seized and will nut budge. The nut popped right off but the bolt is a whole different story. I've been at it all day, a sledge hammer won't do it. I tried to cut it with a hacksaw but it won't even scratch through the swingarm collars. Anyone have any suggestions because I really need them!
  13. Flybuy994

    '96 KX125 powervalve

    Okay so I'm rebuilding a 1996 KX125 for a buddy, who is also going to pay me. Okay well, I'm going to take the cylinder off, and first I have to take of the KIPS powervalve cover and take the bolt out of the arm, just like the Clymer manual says. So everything is going smooth and I go to take the nut off of the arm and come to find that the nut is NOT there?? The nut is not on the arm and it almost looks like the previous owner had filed down the bolt to the point where it was completely round. So now I'm not sure what to do, is there any other way to disconnect the powervalve so that I can take the cylinder off? Someone please help, I wanna make some dough.
  14. Flybuy994

    Painting Frame

    Okay so my '04 YZ250F dropped a couple of valves and I'm now in the process of rebuilding it. While I'm waiting on parts I figured it would a good time(and fun) to tear it all down to the frame and repaint the frame. The paint on the frame now is REALLY getting ragged. I mean it is just about as bad as it can get, I mean it's downright UGLY. So I just want to know how I should go about this. I plan on sanding the whole frame down, but then I don't know what paint to use. I have a paint sprayer, but I really don't have any idea what type of paint to use or where to get it. So, how should I do this, also what color should I go with?
  15. Flybuy994

    Valves snapped in half!

    Okay so I crank up my '04 YZ250F yesterday to take it for a ride. Well after the first straight away it made a terrible knocking sound and seized up. So I tore it down to find three of the valves lodged into my piston. Apparently, one of my valves snapped in half and took out three more. I mean the valves were snapped right in half. Luckily, the cylinder was fine. I'm gonna need a new head, valves, and piston. But at least the bottom end is fine. Now I'm just having a hard time figuring out why these valves would snap in half. Everything about the motor looked fine. The Cam chain/sprockets were fine. What would cause valves to just snap in half like that?