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  1. Just wanted to share my story and see if any of you have experienced anything similar with newer 2 strokes: I have a 2011 300 XC-W with a little over 40 hours on the clock. Me and some buddies are heading up to the UP in Michigan to do some singletrack riding Thursday this week. I just had a kid a month ago so the bike had been sitting for about that length of time. Last Wednesday night I was out messing around in the garage and thought I would fire the bike up and get it up to operating temperature to make sure everything was good before the trip. After about 5 minutes it acted just like someone shut the kill switch off. Tryed re-firing it and it would start for a little bit and die. It did that a few times and then nothing. Acted like it was running out of fuel. To make a long story a little bit shorter I eventually discovered that I was loosing spark. I found a manual online and began checking out the electrical circuits. Checked all the grounds, all of the wiring harness connections, checked the resistance of the stator, pulser coil, and the primary and secondary windings of the ignition coil. Everything was checking out. I did some research online and called a couple large dealers to pick their brain about it. Came up empty handed. I figured something electronically was shorting out or failing open when it warmed up but I couldn't find it. After it would cool off I would start it up again and run it till it died and would immediately check resistance but everything was fine. Since I was running out of time and didn't know of any 300's close by that I could try parts from I pulled the trigger and ordered a coil, plug cap, and stator from the bike dealer. I had them overnight the parts for $50 extra so that I could work on it this weekend and still have time to place another order if that didn't do the trick. Got the parts home Saturday night. Since there is no return on electrical parts I started with the easiest components to replace first. Tried the plug cap and that didn't do it. Tried the ignition coil and that didn't do it either. Before removing the stator I checked resistance one more time and compared it to the new one I had one the bench and they were nearly identical. By this time I wasn't feeling too confident in my diagnosis and parts selection. But since I had a new one sitting there I installed the new stator and buttoned it up. With my fingers crossed I fired it up again and it worked. The next day I took it out and put some time on it to make sure that it wouldn't fail on the trip and it worked like a champ. Have any of you experienced anything similar? This seems kind of strange being that the bike is so new. I have heard of this happening if a bike has been overheated badly, but I have owned this one since new and know for a fact that it has never boiled. Oh well...........Just thought I would share.
  2. Michigan

    Well.............As of right now if it's not raining, snowing, or freezing cold, we are making the trip up north October 25th through the 28th. The plan is to stay in Escanaba and ride Moss Lake and Bass Lake for sure and if there is time or we get bored we may try to hit Porterfield Lake up as well! If the weather turns out to be crap we're still going riding but instead of going 7 hours North, we're going to head 7 hours south to Missouri and hopefully find some better weather. If anyone has any helpful advice we would love to hear it!
  3. Hey guys, I've been couped up in the house lately with a new baby so I figured I would dig through some of my left over restoration parts and liqudate them. I'm probably going to throw them on e-bay and see what happens, but I figured I would give you guys first shot at them. I have: Decent shape working speedometer with 2XXX miles on it. Brand new "marbles motors" $100 seat cover with a small tear in the rear (don't even ask!) a bunch of new spokes Misc bushings, bolts, hardware, isolators, grommets, springs Old set of forks that I am rebuilding with new seals, dust seals, and fluid. The tubes are rust pitted a little but I think they will work just fine. I have a couple partial set's of reproduction tank and side panel decals (another bad deal!) I'm sure there is more so just ask if you need something. Let me know, otherwise be checking e-bay from time to time.
  4. Michigan

    &%$#@! is that thing? How many beers did it take you to get to sleep that night? LoL! Thanks for the suggestions guys! Unfortunately it looks like if we were to go to Tomahawk it's a 10 plus hour drive from Northeast Iowa. Looks like the Moss Lake area in the UP is a little less than 8 hours if we cut up diagonally through Wisconsin. Is there anything much further south in Michigan that would be worth checking out? Or is the Moss lake area still our best bet? If you had a secondary destination up in that area what would it be?
  5. Michigan

    Yep! That was the one that had the really awesome pictures on the second page! Did you run across those areas that are in the pictures? Are there any good hill climbs? If you went again how much time would you spend there? If we end up going to Moss Lake we were trying to decide how much time would be needed there. Is it just the one 27 mile loop there or is there other riding that needs to be checked out too?
  6. Michigan

    This is some good information guys! Keep it up! fstbusa and I were doing some talking, looking at 2 TrackR's video and website, and reading some other threads on here and it sounds like Moss Lake would be the ticket for us! We searched YouTube and there aren't too many video's of Moss Lake out there and the one's that I have seen look like it's very slow and easy to ride. I saw on one of the other Moss Lake threads on here some pretty impressive pictures of some very steep, rocky, and technical area's but the video's don't seem to show it that way at all. Could anybody share some more detailed information about the trail, pictures, or video's with us that would help us out with Moss Lake. We are looking for a challenge!
  7. Thanks for all of the kind words on the bike guys! This whole project really makes me appreciate the work that others do. I can't believe how much time and $$$$ it took to get this done but it was worth it in the end! This Thursday I hauled it to work and a few of us met at my brother-in-law's place and I rode it down to a local "bike night". That was pretty damn fun! There were hundreds of Harley's that were all decked out and I bet the little green machine got more looks then most of them. I can't believe when I'm riding it around how many people come up to you and want to talk about it. Seems like everyone must have had one of these things at some point in their life. I still am planning on borrowing a Go Pro and doing a ride video so check back in every once in a while for that!
  8. Here come the Photos!
  9. Check this out. Scored a pretty cool original 1972 sales brochure for my little Honda off E-bay:
  10. That is a really cool little cafe racer! Have you had it running yet? Mine is no speed demon that's for sure. I weigh about 210 lbs and I can get it going 60 mph out on the highway but I don't feel comfortable doing it for long because the rpm its turning. Looks like yours will be much lighter than mine. It would be interesting to see how they compare. It should handle really well though. I don't even shift out of high gear when I take corners in town! Good job though! Should be a really fun ride! Just another quick update. I really appologize for leaving everyone hanging on this thread. Life has been busy lately! I promise I will wrap this up soon and you will not be disappointed! The little SL has 160 miles on it so far and has been running great! Stay tuned!
  11. You busted me! I took a couple quick pictures in the garage that night with my old POS camera and sent them around at work and to a couple others that I had in my contacts list and Randy put me on his "Friends" page. I want to take a few better ones outside in the daylight and get a ride video and walk around for you guys and really do it up right but it seems like there is always something going on. This week we played "Car Soccer" at the local county fair. The ball was a 1000 gallon LP tank with the end caps welded together. I guess it weighed 700 lbs! That little project took up quite a bit of time recently for about 2 minutes of fun! So far I have a little over 100 miles on it with no issues! I haven't forgot about you guys! Please be patient. I promise it will be worth it!
  12. So far the tank sealer has worked and I am officailly done! Some day when I get some time I will update with some new pictures and video of the finished product!
  13. Sorry to leave you guys hanging but if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. I finally got the F-ing tank back. Got it installed and filled with gas to find I had a leak! !!!!!!! Before I took the tank to the body shop I used POR 15 tank sealer on the inside because of all the positive reviews that I found. My tank was rusty and had a few small pin holes on the bottom side so I assumed the sealer would take care of it. After I sealed it I tested the tank and off to the body shop it went. I'm not sure if the sealer failed or it was because the body shop sand blasted the tank and blew through it but I had a good leak. After doing a bunch of research I discovered that POR 15 tank sealer is a one shot deal and that supposedly you can't apply a second coat or put another product over it and it is damn near impossible to remove (Especially with new paint)! In the process I researched for hours on the internet and called and talked to POR, Red Kote, and Caswell's and none of them could give me a straight answer on whether or not I could coat over the POR. So I decided to fix the severe leak externally and see what happens because it was on the inside of the tank where it couldn't be seen. So I removed a small portion of the paint and applied some "Seal All" sealer that I got from O'riely's. Once it dried I re-installed the tank and filed it up. No major leaks so I put the seat on and took it for a ride. After a ride I let it sit and came back later to re-check for leaks. I noticed that the bottom seam was a little damp with gas but nothing was dripping. This was in a different spot than the repair. So I let it sit for a couple hours and came back to discover that a drip was starting to form. Not wanting to ruin my new paint I dumped the gas again. I removed the tank and filled it with water to try to find the leak. It was such a small leak that I couldn't locate it well enough to attempt another repair. After a long debate I ordered a Caswell's tank sealer kit. This kit is a 2 part epoxy like sealer that is supposed to go on thick and dry hard. I was taking a gamble on this because they didn't know if it would work going over POR. They claim that it fixes failed Kreem and POR sealer but what they don't tell you is that you have to remove the old sealer first which wasn't an option for me. To prep the tank I washed it out with soap and water. Then I filled it with drywall screws and wrapped it up in a comforter and put it in the dryer for an hour. The purpose of this was to rough up the POR to give the Caswell's something to bite into when I applied it. After that I washed it out again and let it dry. Last night I applied the Caswell's coating to the tank. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this will do the trick. If not the only thing left to do is start over. I'll keep you posted with what I find. Hopefully this will be it and I will post some final pictures and maybe a video of the project completion!
  14. Thanks for the compliments guys! Hang in there! There is a lot more to come. I have been having issues getting the Tank and side covers done. All I'm going to say is that the body shop had 4 months to get it done and they waited till the last minute to do the work and it took 3 sets of decals to get it right which caused quite a delay!!!!!! Right now the bike is running and all I'm waiting for is to get the tank back. Should be today! I will do a wrap-up post hopefully soon. I may try to borrow a Go Pro and do a ride video too! Stay tuned.