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  1. Kdx


    Hey Kawinj, what kind of linkage is that on your bike?
  2. Kdx

    KDX 200 want to buy need info

    1995 and newer are all the same bike, nothing really changed except the graphics and seat cover. If you can, try to get a 1995 at the oldest. Sorry, I can't help you with anything older than that. Here's a good KDX website. http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/
  3. Kdx

    KDX200 ring rattle

    It's really nothing, EVERY KDX does it, even both brand new KDX's that were at the dealer.
  4. Kdx

    KDX200 ring rattle

    All KDX's have a pretty loud rattle at idle and just above idle, it's nothing to worry about.
  5. Kdx

    Daytona SX see ya there (DonO)

    I can't figure out how to get the $10 upgrade. I'm looking on racetickets.com, all I can find is some $40 grandstand seats and $30 advanced adult seats. And it says the main starts at 10:30 PM? is that right?
  6. Do you even get to see the track before you start?
  7. Hmmm, I wouldn't mind doing that. I'll kick it around with some of my friends and see if they wanna come too. Just curious, how brutal is it as far as endurance and tiredness?
  8. Kdx

    Greenville, S.C. places to ride MX

    Cool! I've seen that track inside the oval but I've never ridden on it. Looks fairly small/easy. What did the track in the woods look like?
  9. Kdx

    V.I.P. service at the Altanta SX

    Here's a thread I posted on PT with some pics I took from my seats. http://pingertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3709
  10. Kdx

    V.I.P. service at the Altanta SX

    Haha, that's awesome. I was watching everybody walking on the track and really wanting to do it too, looked like fun. Where'd you sit? We were in section 113, row 2. We were sitting right by where Boniface wrecked in the Lites main event.
  11. Kdx

    Atlanta Supercross

    Alright, I got my seats. Section 113, Row 2. Is there a way I can get Pit Passes without going to Subway?
  12. Kdx

    Atlanta Supercross

    I'm ordering tickets right now on ticketmaster. Would row 1 or 2 be a good place to sit? I'm talking lower level section 113, BTW.
  13. Kdx

    Is it possible?

    My freind got a 2000 RM 125 in awesome condition for $1000. The good deals are out there!
  14. Kdx

    Which 06 Bike Should ThumperTalk Build?

    It definatly needs to be a KX 450F or a CRF 250R.
  15. Kdx

    Atlanta Supercross Tickets?

    Can I get them at the gate though? And does anyone have an event schedule for Saturday?