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  1. oats

    Almost stripped oil filter cover bolt

    Nice pictures! I did the exact same thing to all three of the oil filter cover bolts using a torque wrench. I did not figure it out until I went to get on my 2005 L on my lunch break and noticed a puddle underneath and a trail leading up to where I parked. I guess the torque was so perfect that the heads snapped off about 99 percent but still seemed to be secure until that little extra pressure from the engine was exerted while riding to work. I used to be a fine tolerence machinist so I would think that I would have a clue. Honda has probably got it right but I now tighten my oil related bolts without a torque wrench.
  2. The 158 is protruding slightly and the 55 is deep in the well although it is much longer than the main. My UNI is oiled with UNI oil. I'm going to re blot the filter again and I'm leaving on a 300 to 500 mile trip from sea level to about 7000 ft. Hopefully things work their way out and all is well. If I do have athe short pilot, what effect does that have?
  3. Not sure if I installed a long pilot or short. How can I tell? I just asked my local dealer for the 55 and 158 jets. Even after a good wringing and some blotting with rags my UNI continues to drip but less each day.
  4. oats

    Needed:: Foot Pegs and exhaust XR650L

    I still have my stock pegs if you are still interested.
  5. stock exhaust 55 158 Kehien jets at sea level 2.5 turns out .020 shim over oiled UNI filter
  6. I have the same problem after going from the Dyno Jet Kit to Dave's Mods this past weekend. In the last 300 miles the Honda ran equal to if not better, with the exception of the suprise stall. I did happen to over oil my UNI which is still dripping from the air box.
  7. oats

    Show your PIG

    how do you like your rear side bag set up?
  8. oats

    Deer Springs Road

    are you talking about the deer springs road near Escondicio? I did not know there is any ridable dirt nearby.
  9. oats

    New to forum, just bought a '94 XR650L !!!!!

    I have been looking for a local dual sport ride group here in San Diego without any luck. I am interested in meeting up for a ride and sundays are usually my best day. Please contact me next time you are riding.