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  1. As the title says, there was some 15 hours to go when I posted this. Looks like a whole bike parted out.
  2. Hi all It's a long time since I posted here. I haven't riden the pig much due to hot weather and having the luxury of a road bike available as well. The reason for the post is I have had trouble starting the pig since new. I've run premium unleaded, which has a rating of 98 ron (Oz remember). This is what the owners manual recommends. Now after checking everything again, keeping in mind that it has only 3,000ks of mostly street kilometres on it, I found a completely sooted up spark plug. I heated it with the gas torch to remove all the carbon and stuck it in back in the pig. First kick and away it went. By this stage I'm ready to sell it due to this, I love the bike but It has never started well, sometimes not at all. I now think i know why it is not the same in the US. I took it to the Honda dealer and told him I was over it. He asked me what was up and then we got chatting about my concerns. It appears that premium unleaded in Australia is only good for fuel injected and computer controlled engines. He recommended that I try some Mobil 6000, which he claims has additives which are more suited to carby and older engines. It has a Ron of 95 (Aus, which is a different rating than US) which is plenty for the piggy (so he says) Keep in mind that this is not what is recommened by Honda in the manual which clearly states 98 ron, and converts to 94 Octane using the US scale. The one I'm now using is 95 Ron or 91 using the US scale. I found this in another forum which seems to explain it beter than I can; 91 octane AKI is 87MON 95RON fuel (87+95)/2 = 91 93 octane AKI is 89MON 97RON fuel (89+97)/2 = 93 94 octane AKI is 90MON 98RON fuel (90+98)/2 = 94 So....I drained all the old fuel, and filled it with Mobil 6000, fitted a new plug, and it started first kick. It has not missed a beat in some 800'ks on the new fuel, no coughing, stuttering, crappy running hard to start...all gone, just runs nice. If you are having problems (in Aus) then give it a try, worked wonders for me. I love my pig again...
  3. Mark_Bear

    Why is the DRZ 400 so popular? 32ppl in forum

    You're an idiot...... I'm no expert on this either but this is how I understand it. Australia have legislation in the form of Australian Design Rules, the legislation details many requirements, lights hi/lo beam headlights, indicators, noise, tyres (tires), spark arresters and chain guards among some of them. We are fortunate to have Honda MPE (Which is separate from Honda itself) as distributors, who go to the trouble of complying certain models so that they come ready to register. The new 450x is modified locally by them and when you buy one you apparently get the old tyres and a box of bits that they take off, it very nearly didn't get a plate here. There are details on the web if anyone wants to do a search. It is definitely not add lights and go..ffs, it is a thorough process which for some reason is done before purchase here. It makes life easier for us but we do pay dearly for it. Wr450's (dare I say it) come ready, along with drz400's and all XR and CRF Honda's and probably lots of other bikes which you guys can't get regged.
  4. Mark_Bear

    Why is the DRZ 400 so popular? 32ppl in forum

    I had the same question before I bought my 650r, The Suzuki was about $8000 Oz and the Honda $10000+ (That's Aussie dollars guys!!!) Both come Street Legal from the dealer or Dual Sported as you guys call it. I really liked the 400 and couldn't find anyone to say a bad word about it. In the end I decided on the R after almost flipping a coin. They are both nice bikes but as everyone here is saying, it really comes down to what you're going to do with it and what you prefer. The 650's of either flavour are better on the road, but that doesn't mean the 400 won't work either. I would definitely recommend some seat time on one if you can, maybe the differences will be enough for you to prefer one over the other, that is what sold me on the Honda. I do think you would miss the torque coming off a 650 but. I wasn't really fussed about an electric start either, for some that isn't the case.
  5. Mark_Bear

    fork bridge

    It's usually just a twist in the fork clamps, after dropping it. I just put the front wheel up against a tree and tap it back straight. I know it sounds harsh but I've done it plenty of times before without any problems. If you want to be extra careful you could loosen the triple clamps just a bit and twist it back straight, by holding a leg each side of the front wheel and pushing on the bars. Then just tighten em up again. Be sure not to overtighten the clamps though as the threads can be stripped if you get too heavy handed.
  6. Mark_Bear

    A recent test of an XR650R

  7. Mark_Bear

    XL600 Manual

    Might find something here... http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=41567&highlight=service+manual
  8. Mark_Bear

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    What does it get in 2nd?
  9. Mark_Bear

    XR650R RH Foot Peg...Response from Honda Oz

    That's a very rational and logical response, good point indeed.
  10. Mark_Bear

    XR650R RH Foot Peg...Response from Honda Oz

    Look at it this way, we don't have a problem with the ones in Oz so I don't need to worry about it. Now...where was it i get the peg modded? I'll be fixing it somehow, I reckon I can do a reasonable mod myself, given what I've seen posted, not because there is a problem, just to practice my welding skills.
  11. Dear Mark, I thank you for your Emails and your interest in the possibility of an issue with your Honda XR650R foot pegs. As I'm sure you will agree, comments such as yours can only assist Honda in providing the best possible product to the customer. Honda Australia no longer race the XR650 however, when we did, in the National Thumper Series and the Australian Safari, the only modification that was made to the foot peg area, was to fit wider foot pegs with a more aggressive sharper "teeth" with better "foot slip" protection for the riders. The foot peg mounting points were unchanged. As I pointed out in our phone conversation, I was not aware of this problem and have had no reported cases on our files, so I am unable to offer any more information. Thanks again for allowing me to comment Regards Glenn Granger Technical Department Honda Motorcycles
  12. Ditto for me too, not sure what is normal but I noticed the exact same thing with mine. I just figured my kicking leg got used to it !!! I'm not quite sure how to get it started using the auto-decompresser, seems to take a lot of kicking and not much action. I have much better success using the just after TDC...and kick.
  13. Mark_Bear

    xr650r forks

    KYB or sometimes refereed to as KAYABA...same thing http://www.motorsports-network.com/HONDA/mc2000/XR650.htm
  14. Mark_Bear

    i think i have a real real big problem on my hands.

    wr450fyamaha Your bike is giving you ATTITUDE, it's similar to pets and owners becoming alike, or simply choosing each other. Karma is something else that I'm certain you don't quite understand. I think I can speak for most of the mature people on here when I say your attitude comes across in your posts, most of us are here to share our knowledge and learn from others experience as only a team can do. We also share some respect for each other and laugh at each other when appropriate. I'm not a religious person but I have a belief that those who help themselves also get the most help. Your refusal to use a spell checker is simply another example of your attitude, no one expects you to be word perfect, but what exactly is your problem with using a spell checker...comes across as rebellious and shows a total lack of respect to your riding buddies. This is the last time I'm going to bother answering your posts, I have nothing to gain from attempting to pass on years of experience to a spoiled brat who thinks he knows it all, and then continually posts here asking for help. That in itself doesn't make sense. In my opinion most of the responses have be helpful and accurate and still you choose to question.... Your bike is worn out, it sounds like a tin bucket full of bolts and it needs surgery, what exactly don't you understand? How much, cannot be answered by anyone over the net. Get it pulled down, fix the worn bits and move on.
  15. Mark_Bear

    i think i have a real real big problem on my hands.

    Couple of things: Whenever I buy a secondhand bike I do a test for oil burning which involves warming it up and running in neutral at medium revs for a minute. I then give it a quick blip on the throttle. If if pours smoke out then it's probably worn rings or worse. Usually the first time you'll get away with a light honing of the bore and new rings. If if puffs smoke out when going down hill, closed throttle, or immediately upon startup and then clears it's probably valve seals/guides. Like a previous post "oil smoke" has a distinctive smell. It's not coolant, which is usually "white smoke" and even then it would have to be a hefty leak, of course on an "L" so that is not a concern. Rings are really cheap to fix if you can do the work yourself, it's probably not a job for a novice though.