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  1. you got to remember also that the cummings only has 6 cylinders so of course it would have to have bigger con-rods
  2. thats what i always go for it tastes so good after working out and helps strengthen your bones also
  3. is it really any benifit to take the head light and tail lights off your bike before taking it to the track? it doesn't seem like that much weight. i night ride also so i didn't want to have to switch back and forth during the week. what are some things that really inprove the Wr out on the track?
  4. see my other post
  5. sorry i meant the 2nd weekend
  6. how far away are you from there?
  7. ok we changed the date... it is now the 2nd weekend of june. pm me if you go so we can meet up. Darrel
  8. get a turbo paddle. they work really good. why do you want something with smaller lugs?
  9. i might only go 12' i need to measure some more. i only have i bike right now but i'm planning on getting the quad in a couple months and want to have room for another just in case
  10. ok i think i'm gonna make it a 6'x14' with hooks placed to where i can either put 1 bike, 2 bikes, or 1 quad up front. and for the back i can fit the quad sideways. pretty much so i can arrange them where i want with storage up front. i'll be sure to post some pics once i get it started.
  11. the front is going to be partually inclosed (open to the back). i was wanting it to be big enough for 2 bikes with a quad in between. how wide should i make it?
  12. ok i'll try that tomorrow. thanks
  13. it did it about the same before i put the filters in the lid. once i get the first rev in, it works fine untill i'm back at idle and hit the gas
  14. just off idle, and yes i have the e series pipe not the e2
  15. yeah it does