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    96 KLX 650R What to look for

    Hi Dahmon Thanx heaps, I have registered with yahoo so should soon be on there. Years back I had a ZXR 750 that also used to pump oil into the airbox and from there into a drainpipe with a small bottle on the end of it under the bike. This happened from new so was'nt to perturbed about it. The previous owner reckons the bikes uses about a half pint on 1200 km's. I'm collecting it on Tuesday so will se what's going on ten.
  2. Hisbikes

    96 KLX 650R What to look for

    Thanx guys, I bought the bike and getting it on Tuesday, will keep you posted.
  3. Hisbikes

    96 KLX 650R What to look for

    Does No One Have Any Info For Me On These
  4. Looking at buying one of these and don't know anything about them. Not sure on milage because clock says 9700km but discs are worn and registration papers say it's a 99 but on the front rim it's stamped 08 96. It starts easy, peppy and pulls very well and motor sounds quiet apart from a weird scratchy sound on idle, sounds like from the top area. Owner says she uses about half pint of oil on 1000k. Can anyone tell me more about them please?