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  1. I think we get the 'S' brakes on our E's as well. Different master cylinder sizes.
  2. Are you looking for something in particular or just browsing? I have spent way too much time looking around the interweb and might be able to put you in the right direction. mal
  3. Thanks for that mate. Went to the site but couldn't find the article you mentioned - any chance of a link? Thanks Again, mal
  4. Hi Guys, Time to replace the sidestand on my FSE. Does anyone know if an aftermarket stand is available? The Gas Gas one is kinda crappy. mal
  5. I have an '06 and can't say much specifically about the '03 but yes, the bike has a barometric sensor and automatically adjusts for altitude. Incidentally, I love my '06 - great bike. I do understand there were reliability issues with earlier models though. mal
  6. This months ADB mag has a review. Basically, great bike on sub-standard suspension (no clickers front or back!). mal
  7. OK. I came off a DRZ400E so I can also give you a comparison. The first thing you will notice about the bike is the quality of the finish. Everything from the Ohlins shock to the Domino controls just screams quality. The suspension on mine is still set to stock and is too hard for me but of course there's ample adjustability (I think theres something like 55 compression clicks on the shock). Compared to the DRZ, the FSE feels much, much smaller and lighter. As a result I got an immediate burst in confidence after getting on it. Where it really comes in to it's own though is the steering. It steers easily and goes exactly where you point it. The engine is very strong. Feels much more like (say) a 525 than a DRZ. Lots of low down power and a nice mid-range. Not much up top but that's pretty typical for a big four stroke. The real bonus comes with the EFI. It gives you a degree of precision that's completely unlike any dirt bike I've ever ridden. For a less than average rider like myself that just adds to the feeling of confidence and control. The slipper clutch is awesome. The effect is much more subtle than I expected but it works a treat. Now for the bad. Some people have problems getting them started and mine is in the shop right now due to a clutch problem. Apparently it's not common and most people seem to have reported no siginificant reliability issues with the later models. Also, the fuel tank (on the Austrlian model at least) is a piddly 6.7litres. Hope that Helps, mal
  8. I've got an FSE450 - are you interested in hearing about that or just the SM model? mal
  9. Try Joe's in Canberra. I believe they're meant to be pretty good with this sort of stuff. Ph: (02) 6280-6223 mal
  10. Hi All, I am about to start a new job and this was probably my last opportunity to upgrade my bike for a long time. So, despite the fact that my DRZ was only a year old, I took the opportunity to upgrade. I've been on this forum since before my original purchase. At the age of 35 this was my first dirtbike. The amount of help, support, advice and laughs you guys have given me is incalculable. This forum is truly the closest thing to a true online community that I've ever experienced. So thanks for everything. There's too many people to list individually that I'd like to thank but I have to mention bronco (thanks for the speedo) and Harry - you make me laugh. So what did I end up getting? Well look below: mal
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. At this stage stickers appear to be the answer. And as for three stooges, I KNOW it's a dirtbike - it's the weiner potential buyers who complain - god knows what they think you're meant to do with one I like the 'little old lady' idea though.... mal
  12. Hi Guys, I'm in the process of selling my DRZ and would like to pretty it up a little. The bikes in great condition generally but there are a few scratches on the swing arm I'd love to get rid of. I've heard it's possible to sand these out with wet and dry. Is this true? And if so, what grade paper should I use? Thanks Guys, mal
  13. Like the other guy said - B&B. They have definitely saved my radiators on more than one occasion. The best AND local! mal
  14. Hi Guys, Thought some of you might be interested. TrailTech have updated their web page and say the Vapor tach will be shipping this month! Still no details on the site though. mal