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  1. can u beleive that? kickstarter stoper inside the right cranckshaft case got broken after only 8 hrs of ridden! what the f#@k? what do u guys thinking on that??? thank god it didnt mess my entire gear or clutch!
  2. In My Brand New Crf450r 2006, Suddenly I Heard Strange Sound From The Kickstarter, Noise That Sounds Like If You Live Your Kick Wide Open While The Bike Is Working. Is It Loose? Broken?.. Do I Have To Open The Right Side Crankcase For That? Please Help People...
  3. shlomi199

    Crf450 2006 -how To Take Engine Out Of The Frame?

    (thanks to chrissa) thanks man! it works, took me no more than 5 minutes! no need to take out valves head, you right. thanks a lot man! hopefully, if i will have more questions i could contact you, if thats ok. thanks a lot -shlomi
  4. i own a crf 450 06, im want to remove the engine from the frame. somebody know how? from what side? is there are any tricks for that? please help...undefined