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  1. Joewith250X

    Thomaston Dam Closed 6/21 & 6/22

    yep, we turned away riders this wekend, and the ones we saw with HS numbers, we wrote those down and we will have the list at registration.
  2. Joewith250X

    Thomaston Dam Closed 6/21 & 6/22

    ATTENTION !!!!! On Saturday 6/21/2008 and Sunday 6/22/2008 the trails will be CLOSED for most of the day to the general public due the the Dam Good Jr Enduo and Harescramble events. Public Riding is allowed after 2:00 PM on Saturday and after 4:00 on Sunday. You can come up and enter the event(s), or just spectate, but you can not ride while the events are in progress. Also - if you are entering the event(s), you CAN NOT ride at Thomaston Dam anytime 10 days prior to the events, as stated in the NETRA Rules.
  3. Joewith250X

    Dirt road database or map?

    maps.google.com go to satalite view and zoom in, then follow the (dirt) roads
  4. Joewith250X

    Thomaston Dam

    The bottom line is you need STREET registration from any state, or CT ATV plate, otherwise, stay home. Those of you coming from far away that have never been here, Thomaston has about a 12 mile loop, that's it. 6 miles out on single track, and 6 miles back on wooped out sand trails. There is a few areas with "tracks" to do a few laps on. There are no jumps, just woops.
  5. Joewith250X

    who here lives in CT

    make sure your bike is registered if you plan on going to the dam this weekend, and there may be sound checks as well. The trails are in excellent condition, todays rain will work in some of the new repairs the Pathfinders made last weekend. Enjoy and ride smart !!!
  6. I used a JD kit on my CRF and it worked well, especially when I went to the big bore kit, it helped having the bigger jets. Just got one for my 450 EXC, along with a bigger pilot. Have a friend that decided he could do it on his own, he was measuring needle tapers with a micrometer and ordering selections of needles from Sudco. Changed his jetting so many times and spend so much on parts it would have been cheaper to just buy the JD kit, but I think he just likes the challenge.....
  7. Nice job TJ but I think I see a spec of dirt inside one of the bolt heads, you should do a better job cleaning that thing !!!!
  8. Joewith250X

    Help! Honda rider looking to turn KTM

    i went from a Honda 250x to an 06 450 EXC (want to buy some red clothes?) the KTM 450 has a smother power curve than the Honda 450x. To me the Honda has too much power for tight stuff, the KTM is easier to control. A riding buddy went from a Honda 450x to a as me about the power. The KTM just seems to track better, and feel lighter. The KTM is also easier to work on - the perimeter frame on the honda makes carb access a bitch. Both ours are 06 EXC's and they are street registered no problem, the title/MSO says nothing about off road use only. They do not have blinkers, etc. Good luck in your decision
  9. Joewith250X

    So long, thanks for everything

    After 2 years I have sold my 05 250 x with all the bells and whistles on it and am moving over to a KTM 450EXC. I will have to change my name from "Joewith250X", so I will use what I am on many other forums/mesage boards, that is "ChainSaw" Thanks everyone for all the help over the past 2 years, I am going to miss my 280x (at times)
  10. Joewith250X

    2008 CRF250X info

    and still nothing from Honda that is "Street legal" with a real title? &%$#@!????
  11. Joewith250X

    AP mod/Leak Jet

    Having fun getting that carb out??? i know what you mean. I bought a JD Leak Jet kit and never used it, if you are interested, let me know. I never changed the leak jet. I did not wire the AP linkage, but I did grind the rivet on the AP Diaphram. Are you running the JD needle or stock? what main and pilot? Should be a 42 pilot and around 155-165 main, depending on the size of the hole in your airbox
  12. Joewith250X

    Spark Plug for '07 RHC Head

    so what is the recomendation? When I did my 07 head I put in a new plug just like the one that came out - stock 05 250x spec. time for a new plug and was thinking of going hotter?
  13. Joewith250X

    Feeler gauges

    I have the same angeled ones from Sears and have no problems with them. The only thing is the smallest is .005, which is the minimum intake spec, so if it is tight, you don't know if it is .002 or .003. I borrowed a set of 12'' ones in .001, .002, .003, 004 from a friend that owns a machine shop. BTW - I was at .001 and .002 on my 05 intakes after 68 or so hours, then it was replaced with the 07R RHC head. I turned past 100 hours this past weekend and nothing has moved yet.
  14. Joewith250X

    What to do with all this money

    give $100 to your parents and say thanks put $100 in the bank and save it put $100 aside for bike parts and save up a bunch more $100s and use the last $25 to enjoy.
  15. Joewith250X

    Athena Big Bore Kits

    Congrats !!!! and welcome to the Athena 280 club