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  1. 4strokecowboy

    Stock 05 WR Suspension VS Rider Weight

    No, if you look at the owner's manual, you will see that the factory shock and forks set at max preload are in the 190 lb weight range.
  2. 4strokecowboy

    got the data, now what rear spring

    OK, I am 210LB w/o gear, my 05 WR450 1.1" sag bike weight only, 5.5" TOTAL sag or 4.4" from bike weight to my weight sag. Feels pretty good as is to me, but I have been out of dirt riding 20 years and have no baseline. I "think" I want to dial in more preload, but want to know if I am wasting my time. The terrain I want to dial in for has few big jumps, mostly large whoops in pairs and also need to loft front to keep spped up and let rear take impact with throttle on. I have bottomed a couple times, but some say that is good if not excessive. I don't know if I am explaining anything usefull. If I need a new spring, what is good bang for the buck, I don't have to have 10% better for 50% more jack thanks
  3. 4strokecowboy

    First 50 miles report 05WR45

    What does installing the spacers in front do for preload with stock springs? Is it worth a try?
  4. 4strokecowboy

    First 50 miles report 05WR45

    That wasn't a misprint "05WR45" because the last ride I took yesterday, the WR started clearing her lungs out and all of a sudden I felt like I was getting launched out the barrel of a 45 cal 1911! I own a Triumph RIII and a Duc, and they both are very respectable asphault weapons, but being back on a hard hitting dirt bike on nice damp loamy soil (yes sir, it DID rain in Wise Co Texas in August of 2005) was very different treat indeed. Man I love this thing. I must not be riding very hard though, at 210 lbs and stock suspender setup, I havn't bottomed anything yet except one egg...ohooooo, I was almost forgetting about that.oohhhhhhhh that hurts
  5. Manual said adjust valves after break in. Is this what most folks do? Are they generally out of spec after break in? How long will it take first time around for a decent mechanically minded, tool carrying, beer drinking old fart like me? I guess I need to buy some shims before I get started. Anyone have any tricks, tips, or words of wisdom?...thanks
  6. 4strokecowboy

    Back in the dirt after 20 years with 05 WR450

    Wow.I figured at 49, I'd be an old fart around here, good to see there are a few hippie generation ex motocrossers around getting to the second childhood. I have found that even though so far I have only ridden 4 times and 15 - 20 minutes each time, the skills and confidence are re surfacing quicker than I thought they would. I just need to go get some new gear, the old crap ain't cuttin it. I only have one friend who rides dirt, and he will be keeping his XR600R at my ranch now so we can both ride without loading up. He will be re introducing me soon to the big riding park on the OK/TX border along the Red River close to Munster. It is only an hour away and I remember years ago it was a great area, hopefully it still is. cheers to all you old farts still grippin and rippin!
  7. 4strokecowboy

    05 WR450F Zip Ty And JD questions

    Thanks to all for the info. I love to tinker with my bikes. With three teanage girls and a wife in the house, my garage is my "cave" as my wife likes to say. So all the play in figuring out the best tune for me will be enjoyable in deed. Yesterday I rode an area of the ranch with lots of gullys and such trying to visualize a good route for a sweeping MX type track. Second gear 1/4 throttle seemed to be working very well. I will gather some jets and kits and start the process. Who knows, I may never see a difference, but I will have fun getting there.
  8. 4strokecowboy

    05 WR450F Zip Ty And JD questions

    My dealer removed grey wire, removed air box inlet, muffler plug removed, did YZ throttle stop mod, and put in a #65 pilot jet. The large pilot jet was so the stock jet wouldn't have to be turned out too far that it might come out. Is this right? He said the main jet was fine. I have read up on as much as I can on jetting and still have questions. What is a Zip Ty jet and where can I get one? What is a JD jet and where do I get one? Is there a kit that has all I need? At slightly above sea level and hot temps, what kit is best? I don't think my dealer wanted to spend much time tuning it because I talked them into all they did as part of the deal. Have any of you guys added an oil cooler to increase oil capacity and keep engine cooler? What brand?....thanks
  9. Hi all I just picked up a brand new 05 WR450 yesterday. Got it home and rode about 6 miles. Lots of fun. I live on a large ranch and am going to lay out a cross country route. Anyone live around the Ft Worth, TX area?