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  1. motox13

    looking for vintage motocross bike in n.c.

    I raced Devils Ridge last year and looking forward to this years vintage races. Best place to find a vintage bike is ebay. Other place to look is http://www.sevintagemx.com/ http://www.flvmx.com/classifieds.html Post Vintage bike should be cheap way to go, buy a Honda, Yamaha, Kaw, Suzuki. You can still buy lots of parts for the early 1980's bike at your dealer. I race a 1982 Honda CR480 in the +50 class. I got the bike from a eBay seller from Tenn. I had to rebuild the bike, you need to plan on rebuilding the bike you buy or you may find a bike that is race ready for around $2000-$3000. Hope this helps. Go to the Forum on the Southeast Vintage MX web site and post a ad in the WANTED Bikes
  2. motox13

    just got cr250, have questions

    Sounds like a good 125cc two-stroke would be a good bike for you and your size. I'm from Augusta, GA. and am in the market for a CR250. If the bike is in good condition I would like to buy it from you.
  3. motox13

    1972 Yahama Enduro Questions

    If you want to sell it I live in Augusta, GA. Where is the bike now. Thanks! Jerry
  4. motox13

    13 year old riding a 02' cr250

    Don't get the CR250. If I was 13 years old again I would want something that my other friends don't have. I got a 1982 CR480 that I will sell you for $12000.00.
  5. I been looking on eBay to buy a OEM CRF450 muffler for a replacement of our 2006 that was bent in a crash. Is the 2005 & 2006 CRF450 the same muffler, head pipe, and will a 2005 exhaust bolt on a 2006. Thanks for your help!
  6. I have a 2003 CRF450 that is hard to start and am going to install new piston & rings, Kibblewhite SS valves. My question is do you really have to buy and install the Kibblewhite valve spring kit when you install the Kibblewhite SS valves. What is the difference from the Kibblewhite valve spring kit and Honda OEM valve springs. Money is a issue but if I really need to install the Kibblewhite spring kit I will. I was hoping to just replacing the intake valves. Thank you, Jerry Murphy Augusta, GA
  7. motox13

    2003 CRF450R new top end & valves??

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP. This is very helpful and I will now join TT and buy my Kibblewhite from them. Thanks Rich for showing me about how to recut the seats. Jerry Murphy Augusta, GA
  8. motox13

    2003 CRF450R new top end & valves??

    I still need to know if the standard size Kibblewhite valves will work even if you recut the seats, and please someone tell me about recuting the seats. I have no idea how thats done, am not going to do it but I would like to know how its done to make sure whoever I get to do the work is doing it right. Thanks for your help! Jerry
  9. I did a thread a few weeks ago about my 2003 CRF450R was hard to start and almost all said to go Kibblewhite SS with spring kit and I am going to do the topend also. My question is someone also told me that the seats may need to be recut, will someone tell me what that means and how do you do it, also if the seats need to be cut will the new standard size Kibble SS valves still work. Am not going to do the work myself and am not going to Honda dealer, so I need to find someone that will do it all. Thank you for your help. Jerry
  10. motox13

    Kibblewhite valves CRF450R what size?

    Thanks gchprime, I had the valves adjusted 2 months ago and the bike started good for a few weeks and than started getting harder to start with every ride, now you have to kick it 30 times or pust start it. I didn't check the valves because I am going to install the new top in and really want to install something that will make the bike easyer to start and everyone said, install Kibblewhites and new spring kit. What is the reason for the oversize valves they sell and does anyone know where to get them at the best price. Thanks you!
  11. I have a 2003 CRF450R and am going to install a new top end and need to install new valves because it is really hard to start. My question is why do Kibblewhite sell oversize or standard valves. My motor is stock and it already had alot of hours on it when I got it 6 months ago and the motor runs good after you get it started. What size valves do I need to buy. Am 54 years old and still slow, but I still love to ride. Thank you for your help.
  12. motox13

    2003 CRF450 Hard to start

    I have a 2003 CRF450R and it is very hard to start cold or hot, when you kick start it feels that it has lost compression. We had the valves adjusted and it started good for a short time. The bike is stock, I have already got new piston and rings and we are going to redo the top end. "WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DO TO MAKE THE BIKE START EASYER". Am 54 years old and when I have a bike that I have to kick 30 times to see if it will start makes me think about the good old 2 stroke days.
  13. I can buy a new RK GB520KZ gold chain, 114 link, from a friend for $25. He had it for his GSXR bike and never used it. Will this chain work on my 2003 Honda CRF450, we have stock 13 x 50 sprockets. He said the tensile strenght 8,800, I could not find this chain number in my catalogs so I really don't know the tensile strenght, how much is retail cost, is this a good chain for motocross.
  14. www.insurance4ama.com is good Insurance, they insure AMA sanction races only. Any Sports Insurance Companys that will insure motocross races.
  15. We need to discuss, compare rates of Accident Health Insurance for Motocross Racing. Everyone that races Dirtbikes should have Health Insurance that will help them when they sustained a injury. If the RACE TRACK PROMOTER checked all riders to see if they have Insurance that covers a injury while participating in organize racing, they would find that most do not have Insurance. We have Blue Cross Insurance that will cover us when we MX practice but will not cover a injury while racing in organized events. We need to educate all Motocross, Dirt Bike riders where to get Insurance, compare rates that would cover them if they sustained a injury while racing in a organized event.