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    engine knocking

    I think I know your problem digger. My 520 had a loud knock on idle just after I bought it (second hand). Went for a ride and it started getting louder and louder. Pulled the clutch in, small difference. OK Put your ear down to the right hand side of the motor, that is where it will probably be loudest. The primary gear nuts have a habit of coming loose, and flogging out the woodruff key on the shaft. The lad who owned my bike checked this, loctited the nut on tight, but the woodruff key was worn, so I could turn the primary gear by hand with the nut tight (about 3~4 mm). This is what is causing your knocking (maybe). If so, get the woodruff key replaced (small$$$) compared to flogging out the shaft (big $$$$). Act now and all will/should be sweet. Tim
  2. timbo3

    2001 KTM 520 EXC - New Rider

    Hi Mate, I think I may know the answer to your clunking, I have an 02 520 that was doing exactly the same (maybe). The primary drive nut (big bugger, 22mm?) had a habit of coming loose, the solution was to tighten it and add loctite. Some shops also replace it (as it is an alloy) with a steel one that does not distort and come loose. The fella that owned my bike before me had loctited it back on. Now for the clunking..........the woodruff key on the shaft cops a hammering when the nut is loose, and if the nut is tightened but the woodruff key is not replaced, then you have the primary drive cog shifting about 3mm on the worn key, which makes for a LOUD clunking sound in the front left hand case. Get this checked before it wears your shaft and costs you $$$$$$. A new nut, woodruff key, oil and gasket will be cheap in comparison. You also should have that cam upgrade done (RFSHeadkit). Regards, Tim
  3. No, the fella I bought the bike off had it from new, and it was even softer on the clickers (than standard) when I first got it. But I have only just adjusted back to square 1 so I can start adjusting. What settings do/did you lads run on your standards, can you remember? Thanks, Tim
  4. Hi all, Just bought a 520 EXC and went for a long ride through the hills, came home with sore wrists from jarring and the front end seems harsh. I have reset the clicker settings to standard, can anyone offer some advice on where they would recommend? I am 6' and 92KGs, so I know the springs could be upgraded, but I don't have the $$$ right now. Thanks in advance, Tim