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    To Rekluse or not to Rekluse

    I tried one with my xr650r and could never get it to NOT slip! Brand new, followed instructions, tried different engagement and different spring weights but no matter what, mine would slip under heavy acceleration. I really need to email Rekluse and see if they had many complaints about it with the xr650r's So for me, the experiance is a bad one...
  2. Hi guys, I have just finished installing my exp version 2.0 rekluse on my honda xr650r. Went through the instructions and setup/freeplay etc and all seems good, went for a quick blast around the block and im very happy with it, cant wait to try it out properly, feels weird not needing to press the clutch lever at the stop anymore hehe. What i wanted to know, now since its a kinda auto clutch, i wanted to know if you guys with the rekluse use the clutch lever at all anymore? Do you shift up and down through the gears with the lever still? or can you not use the lever at all anymore? Im just asking as i dont want to damage the gears/gearbox.

    Show your PIG

    I use my xrr for everything... MOTARD: MOTORCROSS: DUAL SPORT:

    CRF/XRR Brake Rotor size help

    My 04 crf setup for the motard uses 6 bolts to the hub, while on the stock xrr hub it uses 4 bolts, and they are spaced out differently., so i cant interchange the rotors of either. Id imagine 03 is the same...

    Do any of you use a GPS on your XR?

    I use the nuvi 500. You can buy the power up kits for GPS's (wich is what i have) and it will power it on while bike running, once the bike is off, you have a few hours on the recharged internal battery anyway(my gps ask's me if i want to continue using it after the bike switches of), until the next time you start your bike and it runs of bikes power.. The kit will come with everything and all you need to do is connect it to a power wire, it also comes with a usb plug at the end for the connection of the gps(or anything else that uses USB), the power up kit is model specific, so should be available for all the popular models.
  6. Hey guys, i used my bike at a track day on the weekend( motard ), and first session out it was slipping anytime i would full throttle it, part throttle seemed ok. Checked it, everything seemed fine, had clearance and all. Went out again and the rest of the day the clutch performed fine, no slipping! so now im worried. Ive got a big ride coming up in the desert, so i pulled my clutch apart and found this. The very last plate thats before the judder spring has a groove all away around, is this something thats normal wear and tear or worn to a point where it needs replacing? In my Australian 04 version it has steel plates( ive read you guys mention alloy plates) and i bought the bike when almsot new so it wouldnt have had a change of clutch. Oil ive recently changed to is the castrol power1 full syntethic, so wondering if it could be that as well. Id hate to go out in the desert and then find out it starts slipping again, rather replace the clutch kit now, probably get barnett kit.
  7. Hey guys, going sand riding at the end of month, so want to sort out my bike soon while i have time. Its a xr650r, will be using a paddle tyre( as i already have it). I have : Front sprockets- 13, 14, 15 Rear sprockets- 45, 47, 48 What combination would give me the best performance for sand from what i already have. Wont be doing any silly high end top speeds. First time on the xrr but not my first time on a bike. Second question, was reading people remove the mud flap, is this true? If the tyre(tire) doesnt hit it, why not leave it alone? cheers
  8. Great setup, looks nice. I hope i can get mine sorted similar. Thanks a lot for sharing. P.S. Oh, and what radiator fan is that on your right side? spal/ktm? Do you know if they run AC or DC? ( as in, do you need a battery to make it work). Eric@scotts, I ordered my scotts sub mount kit from BRP(billett racing products), Mike was excellent to deal with and i got a great deal. His shipping was a fair amount cheaper so i went with him, as it saved me a bundle. Thanks to all for the info, hoping i get it soon and set it up and try
  9. Ahh, nice. So you've removed the rubber bands and use bolts to bolt up to your bracket, cool If i have to do something like that, thats not too bad. Ive seen pics of the scotts and the whole thing is a little bit smaller then the GPR, so maybe with a scotts it "might" just fit. If you have any impressions of the GPR, please share, i havent ordered either yet as im waiting on they're reply as ive emailed them with a few questions( i think they are on holidays!). I'm mostly interested in the feel of the damper working both ways(from center) compared to scotts one way. Post more pics if you like as well cheers
  10. MAZMAN

    Airoh Helmet

    I'd love one too, but these helmets dont pass our road regulations so wearing one i can get done if pulled over, and also if something was to happen insurance could come back at me. I wish they sold them here too, id get one right now.
  11. Got a question, just recently bought the sidi's SRS boot and wow, amazing boots, very comfy and great feeling boot, however, the thing is noisy as(when walking in them)... i would guess its coming from the pivot joints? will this go away, do i lube it with something?
  12. Yea i have a vapor dash setup as well. I just want to know if the forward post would clear the X2 light, and how it would look like, i can always move the dash around i guess. Does the sub mount have more dash room vs the top mount? Here's some pictures so people can see and maybe tell me if they think it would be ok. My dual sport setup with racelight/custom dash: Dual sport setup with the trailtech X2(when i dont need the light): Motard setup with the X2: I dont have any close up pictures of the X2 but i can get some if it would help. And happy new year all
  13. Hey guys. Ive got some spare $$$ and decided i would benefit from a steering damper, did a lot of searching and found lots of pictures, but none for the setup i would be after. Bike is a XR650R Ive got two setups that i use. 1). Trail/dual sport where i can use a trailtech 8" racelight 2). Motard with a trailtech X2 headlight. Now, ive found pictures of the scotts(and im pretty sure a GPR would be the same) fitting with a front mount setup with a 8" racelight, either top mount or sub mount... BUT ive never seen any damper fitted with a trail tech X2 type headlight! Looking at my X2 light, its very close to the stock tripple, the plastic buldge where the bulbs/wiring is hidden on the X2 is fairly close and im afraid the forward mounted post's on either the GPR or SCOTTS would hit it!? Im positive the oil filler/dipstick type post on the Scotts would fit, but i really dont like that design, im scared the post would come off and the removing of damper/post is not what i would say is ideal. I could install a sight tube to view oil level and also a threaded bolt with washer also on the frame at the top near it to put oil through, has anyone tried that? if that worked i would weld the nut and post on the dipstick area. I could also not find any pictures of xr650r with the GPR v2, only the V1... anyone? cheers
  14. MAZMAN

    How do you get on and off your pig?

    If you guys go on a rocky hill climb and come off, how would you get on it if you have to use the stand all the time! Im 5'7" and never used the stand to get on it...
  15. MAZMAN

    contour ROAM / HD helmet cam

    yea that audio is not too bad, way better then what im getting. What audio gain are you using? Ive tried heaps low gain but then you need to crank up your audio up way high to even just hear it, With gain high the wind noise is just too much, so cant win.