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  1. gcode987

    DR250 Glowing head pipe, running badly

    Leave it the glowin header must look cool at night jk, if its overly lean it will run hot
  2. When i say acting up i mean it dies after u ride it for 20 min. it also idles then goes to a slower idle then shuts off.
  3. I have a ttr 125 02 and i re jetted the carb and did the mod to the airbox. It was running fine for a while then a few days ago it started to act up. i had regular 87 octane gas in the bike then i filled it with 89 octane gas. i was wondering if that could be the problem. Or if i Have to go down on the jets or tweak the air screw. when i pulled my sparkplug out it was pretty much all black. If anyone has any other ideas about What mite be wrong with it or how to fix it leave me a post. thanks a lot!!
  4. gcode987

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    i re-jetted my 02 ttr 125. guide was great thanks a lot. my throtle seems to be sticking now tho. i think it is the cable that goes into the carb. if u could reply how to fix the problem or if u have any other info about wat mite be the problem. thanks
  5. gcode987

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    thanks for the tip. i put those jets in and in runnin a bit lean, so im gonna adjust pilot screw.
  6. gcode987

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    i put a power core 4 exhaust and completed airbox mods on my 02 225. what jets would u put in with these mods???
  7. gcode987

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    thanks for the info. i purchased the power core 4 SA exhaust for the ttr 225 and was wondering if i should use the same jets as i would use for just the end cap mod or go to a 137.5 main jet and a 45 pilot jet
  8. gcode987

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    I am in the process of re-jetting my 02 ttr 225 and i was wondering if the jets i need to put in are (main jet) 132.5 from a 130 and (pilot jet) 42.5 from a 40. i was also wondering if you have to adjust the pilot screw after you have finished all the mods?